Wood Release

Wood Release
Creator and Original User Hashirama Senju
Other Known Users Artificial (by means of transplanting Senju's DNA)

Danzo Shimura
Madara Uchiha

Wood Release is the coveted signature ninjutsu style used by Hashirama Senju. It is created by combining water & earth elements. Wood release enables its bearer to instantly grow trees or wood from the surrounding or their own body for defensive or offensive purposes. Users of this chakra nature through it are able to suppress the chakra of and control a tailed beast. The greater the users skill in wood release the more easily he/she can control a tailed beast. It is because of his ability to control tailed beasts through wood release that Hashirama was chosen as First Hokage. Wood release ninjutsu include: wood release: clone, wood release: nativity of a world of trees and wood release: advent of a world of flowering trees.


[edit] Other Users

[edit] Yamato

Yamato using Wood Release

Orochimaru, one of the sannin, desired the wood release and retrieved the corpse of Hashirama. He implanted Hashirama's DNA into various child test subjects kidnapped from Konoha. All the test subjects but Yamato died enabling Yamato to use wood release as well as control tailed beasts albeit on a much weaker scale than Hashirama. He was also granted access to water and earth release.

[edit] Danzo Shimura

Danzo with implanted Hashirama DNA

At some point in the past Danzo Shimura wanted the wood release and its ability to control tailed beasts an so allowed Orochimaru to implant Hashirama's DNA into his right arm. Danzo also had ten Sharingan embedded into the arm through stealing from past deceased Uchiha members. Because his body was too weak to control the sharingans, he needed Senju's DNA to be able to use them. He was also granted use of water and earth release though he has not been seen using either in the manga or anime. Danzo was also granted increased physical strength and increased chakra reserves through the wood release. Danzo's proficiency with wood release is greater than than Yamato's but weaker than Madara Uchiha's.

[edit] Madara Uchiha

Madara with Hashirama's DNA

Madara Uchiha gained a portion of Hashirama's during their final battle and incorporated it into his body granting him use of wood release which he has shown vast proficiency in using during the Fourth Shinobi World War, when he was he also gained use of water and earth release, presumably as well the ability to control tailed beasts.

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