W. 23) All Nine Rookies Have Assembled!

[edit] Summary

Kakashi says that each Chuunin exam will be taken in teams of three. Sakura is shocked that Kakashi lied to her and said it was each members choice. Kakashi said he had to lie to her or else Naruto & Sasuke would have forced her into joining, but Kakashi is very pleased that everyone in the group decided to join by there own free will. When the team finally gets inside, the team finds themselves amongst many participants. Seeing Sasuke Ino runs up to him and and hugs him, Sakura is displeased. Naruto then begins talking to the audience (that’s us) and introduces each of the genins on each team. First he introduces Asuma Sarutobi’s team, which includes Shikamaru, who is lazy, Chouji, who is always eating, and Ino who is always fighting with Sakura. Next up is Kurenai Yuuhi’s team which has Hinata, who is a shy girl, Kiba and his puppy Akamaru, who acts like the boss of the team, Shino who Naruto doesn’t really know. The Genins then begin to talk about how everyone else sucks. Then Kabuta who is participating for the 7th time tells them to be careful Kabuto tells them that this is his 7th time, and that these exams are held twice a year. He then reveals his deck of cards that have the stats of each chuunin participant on them. Kabuto says the only reason these exams are taken is to deepen friendships with other villages, and to heighten the level of the ninja. While this conversation is going on Kakashi is standing outside watching everyone, then thinks about whether or not he should have allowed his group of Genins to enter into the exam or Back inside, Kabuto warns the rookies to keep a low profile. Naruto however vows to the whole entire room that he will not lose. After this the rest of the ninjas all give him weird looks and talk amongst them selves about how they would beat Naruto. Kabuto is then assaulted by some sound ninjas because of the way he talked of there small country earlier. They attack him it looks hlike he dodged the attack but then he kneels down and vomits and his glasses break. Soon after, Morino Ibiki, the examiner of the first test shows up.

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