U. 21) Identify Yourself: Powerful New Rivals

[edit] Summary

Gaara tells off Kankurou for coming to the village and starting something with the children of this village. Kankurou says sorry to Gaara. Sasuke is entranced by the evil in Gaara’s eyes. Gaara is impressed that Sasuke could hit Kankurou’s hand with a rock. The three new Genins are from the Hidden Village of the sand from the Country of Wind. They’ve come to this village to take the Chuunin exam. Hokage-sama calls on Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma to recommend any Genins in there groups that should be entered in the Chuunin Exam. Kakashi recommends Sasuke, Naruto & Sakura. Kurenai recommends Hinata, Kiba, & Shino. Asuma recommends, Ino, Shikhamaru, and Chouji. However after all these recommendations Iruka says that he does not think Naruto is ready for the exam. However Kakashi stands by his words and says that he thinks Naruto is ready. Hokage-sama then says that the Genins can be put through a special preliminary exam. The next day Kakashi gives the ninjas applications for the Chuunin exam. Naruto & Sasuke are extremely happy, but Sakura has doubts. When Naruto has finished his missions he meets Konohamaru and says he’d like to play with them. Suddenly a ninja grabs Moegi and runs off. Naruto runs after the ninja, who is looking for the first Hokage’s Scroll of Sealing. He won’t let Moegi go until he has it. Naruto uses his replication technique to free Moegi. Meanwhile, Sasuke asks Sakura for a walk. Sasuke tells Sakura that she isn’t ready for the exam and that she should stop. Sakura’s extremely happy that he’s worried about her. A ninja suddenly attacks Sasuke and the Ninja tells Sakura to quit while she’s ahead. But Sakura knows that these 2 ninjas are illusions. She says she knows that the real Sasuke would not ask Sakura for a walk. The illusion Sasuke throws a stick at her and Sakura just walks right throw it proving that Sasuke was an illusion. The ninja, Iruka in disguise reports back to Kakashi that all nine rookies pass the preliminary exam! It was really Iruka that was dressed up as a ninja, kidnapping people, and telling people not to take the exam. Inside the school, some bullies are bothering the rest of the Genins before the start of the Chuunin exam. Sasuke confronts them and tells them that everyone here is amazing especially Sakura and her analyzing skills and illusionary technique know-how. However a Genin named Rock Lee tries to stop the fighting, everyone introduces themselves to one another and go along there way. The 2 bullies then transform into examiners, they were once again testing the children.

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