Third Kazekage

Third Kazekage
Age Deceased
Affiliation Sunagakure
Kekkei Genkai Magnet Release

The Third Kazekage was the successor of the Second Kazekage and was once the leader of Sunagakure. He is known as the strongest Kazekage.

[edit] Bio

He studied the powers of the One-Tailed Raccoon and found a way to combine his own magnetic powers with iron sand to make the iron sand technique. This ability was the reason that made him renowned as the strongest Kazekage in Sunagakure's history.

At some point, he was kidnapped and killed by Sasori and turned to a human puppet. Sasori claims that the efforts it took for him to make the puppet made it his favorite. The village of Sunagakure, first attempted to look for him but gave up and decided to just choose a successor, the Fourth Kazekage.

[edit] Abilities

The Third Kazekage has the kekkei genkai ability of Magnet Release, which utilizes his own chakra to manipulate magnetic forces. Combined with his research on the Shukkaku he used this ability in combination with iron sand, manipulating it for offense and defense. With his Magnet Release, he is also able to manipulate metallic weapons used against him nullifying them.

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