Ten-Tailed Beast

Ten-Tailed Beast
Jinchuriki Sage of the Six Paths
Status Divided up to the nine Bijuus

The Ten-Tailed Beast is the original bijuu before it was divided by the Sage of the Six Paths before his impending death.

[edit] History

Madara Uchiha claims that long ago the Sage of the Six Paths saved the world from the Ten-Tailed Beast and became it's jinchuriki. Before he died, he divided the beast into the Nine Bijuus. Little is known about the beast because it has yet to make an appearance and was only mentioned.

[edit] Abilities

The Ten-Tailed Eyes looking awfully similar to the Sharingan.

According to Madara, it is as powerful as all nine bijuus combined. This makes it have outrageously amounts of chakra. It is also implied that it has brute strength and the ability to make a Tailed-Beast Bomb.

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