Shino Aburame

Shino Aburame

Age : 12

Blood Type : AB

Born On : January 23

Current Status : Genin

Ninja Team : Team 8

Team Members : Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzaka, Kurenai Yuhi

Eye Color : Black

Gender : Male

Hair Color : Black

Height : 5'2"

Weight : 101 lbs.

Shino is a very mysterious character in Naruto .His special skill is that he has insects in his body that feed off his chakara. This skill is from of the Aburame clan. He then uses these insects for attacking and defending. Two of his abilities are Bug Host and Bug Clone. These bugs obey whatever he orders them to do. Due to the fact these bugs can eat an enemy's chakra, they can be very harmful.

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