Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Nara
Shikamaru in Part II
Birthday September 22
Age Part I: 12-13

Part II: 15-16

Gender Male
Height Part I: 150.8 - 152.1 cm

Part II: 170 cm

Weight Part I: 42 - 42.9 kg

Part II: 53.4 kg

Clan Nara
Family Shikaku Nara (Father)

Yoshino Nara (Mother)

Blood Type AB
Rank Chunin
Affiliations Konohagakure
Team Team Asuma

Shikamaru is one of the main supporting characters and is a Chunin level ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village.


[edit] Bio

Shikamaru is part of the Nara clan. He is shown to be a close friend of Naruto even during childhood but wasn't able to get too close due to his parents. He has a tight bond with his sensei, Asuma Sarutobi. During Asuma's death, Shikamaru was given the knowledge of the king he always tried to protect which turned out to be the next generation children. Shikamaru lived by what Asuma had lived for. Shikamaru is showed to have extraordinary IQ being able to beat Asuma constantly in Shogi. He is also recognized as a great strategist. Shikamaru's closest friend is Chouji Akimichi.

[edit] Personality

Shikamaru is a laid back and down right lazy person. A good example to show his personality was during his fight with Temari. He was able to outwit her and trap her in his Shadow Bind Technique but after that forfeited reasoning that he thought being a Chunin would mean more work for him. He has always been shown as the ninja that would take the easy path around. You can tell this since he was the first to be promoted to Chunin but after the skip he was still a Chunin while others like Neji had become a Jonin. Shikamaru also has a great moral and caring personality. Even though he grumbles and objects to important tasks he always does them with his heart.

[edit] Abilities

Being a member of the Nara Clan, Shikamaru specializes in Shadow Manipulation Techniques.

[edit] Shadow Possession Jutsu

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Shikamaru uses his Shadow Possession Jutsu on Dosu

Shikamaru can extend his own shadow (to an extent), and by merging it with an opponent's, both keep them immobilized and force them to imitate any movement made by himself. The degree to which it can be extended depends on the shadow's total surface area; for example, if it touches another shadow, it can extend further. It can be used on several targets at a time, but depends on the amount of chakra he has, as it must be constantly maintained. He often uses this technique to stall his enemies, or in strategy with his team mates: for example, stopping an opponent so that Ino can use her Mind Transfer Jutsu

[edit] Shadow Strangle Jutsu

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Another form of shadow manipulation in which the shadow can be used to interact physically with it's surroundings; for example, it is first seen being used by Shikamaru's father to strangle a Sound Ninja, and later by Shikamaru to break his own finger to escape from a genjutsu, and then attempt to strangle Tayuya.

[edit] Shadow Sewing Technique

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This technique utilizes a materialized form of shadow to attack the opponent physically. Though usually used to bind the opponent it can sometimes be used to impale the opponent.

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