Sasori Akasun


(Sasori, サソリ)
Birthday 8 November
Age 35 (Deceased)
Gender Male
Height 164.1cm
Weight 47.3kg
Kekkei Genkai
Family Chiyo (Grandmother)

Sasori's Father (Father)
Sasori's Mother (Mother) Ebizō (Granduncle)

Rank Missing-nin
Affiliations Sunagakure, Akatsuki
Team Sunagakure's Puppet Brigade, Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon
Blood type AB

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[edit] Biography

Sasori's parents died when he was young, leaving him to be cared for by his grandmother, Chiyo. He was originally from Sunagakure, but left when he was older and joined up with Akatsuki in which he was initially partnered with Orochimaru. When we learned about him in the anime, he is teamed up with Deidara. Sasori's ability is that of a puppetmaster. He was taught by his grandmother when he was young, but over the years has improved the technique, eventually being about to convert human corpses into puppets, allowing him to use any of the abilities the live owner could. After a number of years, Sasori converted his own body into that of a puppet which allowed him to gain eternal life and control even more puppets at a time. Sasori also uses a poison with is slathered onto all his weapons. Sakura managed to create an antidote to his poison, which allowed her and Chiyo to fight him uninhibited. They eventually destroyed his heart, which was the only part of him as a human, that resulted in his death.

[edit] Abilities

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