Sage of the Six Paths

Sage of the Six Paths
Gender Male
Age Unknown Deceased
Kekkei Genkai Rinnegan
Class Jinchuriki
Family Senju Clan (son)

Uchiha Clan (son)

According to myths, the Sage of the Six Paths is the founder of the Ninja World and the creator of Ninjutsu. According to Madara Uchiha, he once saved the world from the Ten-Tailed Beast and became it's jinchuriki becoming the first jinchuriki.

[edit] Bio

It was said by Jiraiya that the Sage came from across the seas as a priest during times of endless wars. He was the first one to have full knowledge of the utilization of chakra and tried to spread that knowledge to others in the form of his religion, the Shinobi. At one point the Ten-Tailed Beast emerged and almost destroyed the world before the Sage stopped him and trapped him inside his own body. He created the first Sealing Jutsu that would be passed down even till modern day that was used to place the bijuu inside a Jinchuriki. It was said that his goal was to find world peace which grants him the name, Savior of the World.

As time went on though, the Sage began to die. Before he died, he separated the Ten-Tailed Beast inside of him into nine separate bijuus. He also passed down his Sealing Jutsu to his inheritance so that they may be able to seal them. It was said that he had two sons. The older of the two was the first Uchiha Clan member and was said to have gotten the Sage's ocular powers and also intellectual strength. The younger became the first of the Senju Clan and was said to have inherited the willpower and physical strength of the Sage. Upon the time of choosing who will be the leader after his death, the Sage chose the younger brother. This brought later hatred between these two clans.

[edit] Abilities

As the founder of all Ninjutsu, he can manipulate all of the Nature Elements and probably can use all the ninjutsus in the world. After gaining the Ten-Tailed Beast, Madara says that he has gone beyond the limits of a human to a more god-like man. Being the Ten-Tails jinchuriki he has an extremely outrageous amounts of chakra that probably is the cause of his god-like powers. The Sage also have the Rinnegan which was said that anyone with it can use any Ninjutsu he wishes.

[edit] Appearances

The Sage has yet to make an appearance and was only mentioned in tales and myths.

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