Throughout Naruto, many organizations and groupings come into play, here you can find information about said groups such as Akatsuki or the ANBU.


[edit] Akatsuki

[edit] History

The Akatsuki is an organization seeking the power from the Kyuubi and the other demon animals. Each member is an S-rank criminal, including the likes of Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame. Their one goal is to gain the power, but no one knows why or what their motive is. They were successful at gaining a few, including Garaa’s Shukaku. Throughout the series most of the main characters including Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura duke it out with members of Akatsuki, fairing well. The most mysterious thing about this organization is the leader which has been seen, yet not seen!

[edit] ANBU

[edit] History

The ANBU are an elite group of ninjas that each of the main countries have. The ANBU members are all elite Jounin and are all very powerful, but still lack the power of organizations like Akatsuki or of the Kages. The ANBU are generally called in to protect or regulate things going around in their country and often take part in highly dangerous missions. ANBU status shows that you’re going up in power, which could easily be said for Kakashi who became an ANBU member in his childhood. Most members of ANBU are usually among the Tracker Ninjas as well

[edit] Legendary Sannin

[edit] History

The three Legendary Sannin were Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade. All three were pupils of the third Hokage, Sarutobi. Each one is different from the next, each powerful with their own distinct traits that prove how different they are. Jiraiya being the pervert and the one who taught Naruto several things throughout the series as well as having written Kakashi’s “Icha Icha Paradise” that he loves so much. Orochimaru however was the one with the sadistic motives who wants to learn every jutsu and to be immortal. Tsunade on the other hand, was an impulsive gambler who eventually changed and fought alongside Jiraiya against Orochimaru and also became the Fifth Hokage.

[edit] The Sound Four

[edit] Tracker Ninja

[edit] History

Finding and killing missing nin/ Other missions Description: These ninja are usually of the Jounin rank. Their main objective is to study their target, usually a former ninja of their own village, find said target, and do one of few options: kill them, drag them back, or gather information from them and then kill them. At the beginning of the series, Haku impersonates a tracker ninja to save Zabuza. Each hidden village tends to have a group such as this, most of the time the Tracker Ninjas are ANBU members as well.

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