Ninja Ranks


[edit] Academy

[edit] Genin

Naruto - currently a Genin

Mission Eligibility: D-C

Description: The Genin are the lowest of the Ninja in status, being that they are usually the weakest or are just not fit to attain higher status. Some countries have different ways for their ninja to graduate to the Genin status, the hidden-mist-village’s trial was for the candidate to kill every one of his/her classmate’s, while the hidden leaf village’s(Konoha’s) was simply to test them on their skills and usage of their techniques. The series also begins with Naruto in the academy, trying to obtain the Genin status, and achieving it. Once achieved, the Konoha Genin are placed in teams of three and under the care of a Jounin, a higher-ninja. In Naruto’s case the elite ANBU Jounin that team seven was in the care of was Hatake Kakashi.

[edit] Chuunin

Several characters, featured as Chuunin

Mission Eligibility: D-C

Rank Description: The Chuunin are the middle ninja, usually the squad leaders who also have the ability to teach at the academies to teach the not-quite shinobi and raise them to become genin. At the beginning of the series, the first Chuunin we see are Iruka and Mizuki. The Chuunin are usually more powerful than Genin and have several sets of tests to gain their status, the Chuunin exam, as it is called, which is comprised of three parts to be described elsewhere.

[edit] Jounin

Kakashi, a seasoned Jounin

Mission Eligibility: D-B

Description: The Jounin status is the highest status you can get, at least, if you aren’t one of the five Kages. The Jounin are the elite, the best, and also applicable for ANBU member status. How one achieves Jounin status is unknown, but it is most likely in the event that the shinobi is highly powerful and skilled in the ninja’s art. Some of the best, such as Kakashi, achieved the status in their younger years. The Jounin level shinobi are usually team leaders and work in large groups, but occasionally take small missions with assigned teams of three genin.

[edit] Kage

The standard facial setup for a kage - a ninja mask and shdy hat

Mission Eligibility: D-A

Description: There are, in total, five Kages. Hokage of the hidden leaf village, and Kazekage of the hidden sand village are two prime examples. The Kages are considered to be the most powerful of the ninjas, though this is reconsidered several times throughout the series. They run the way the shinobi operate in their land and also have access to the highest level of missions and know a wide-variety of jutsus. Not much is known about the Kages other than the five Hokages and the two known Kazekages. Each of the Hokages have their faces put on a mountain in Konoha, which in the beginning, was constantly defiled by Naruto for comical purposes.

[edit] S-Rank

[edit] ANBU

[edit] Medical

[edit] Rogue

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