Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

Naruto Movie 1: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Shonen Jump's US Movie Cover
Directed by Tensai Okamura
Story by Masashi Kishimoto
Music by Toshio Masuda
Distributed by TOHO
Release Date(s) August 21, 2004 (Japan)

June 6, 2007 (US)

Running Time 82 min
Country Japan
Language Japanese


DVD Release Date(s) April 28, 2005 (Japan)

September 4, 2007 (US)

Naruto Movie 1: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow is the first ever Naruto movie released. It was also the only one to have been shown in US theaters. The timeline for this movie is after the Chunnin exams and before Sasuke's departure. This was implied due to Sasuke's ability to use Chidori and Naruto's ability to use Rasengan.

[edit] Summary

The movie starts with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura watching a movie starring Yukie Fujikaze assigned by Kakashi. In the movie Yukie was the princess of gale and had a personality of a hero like Naruto. The were thrown out though after Naruto beinga loud mouth. As they mourn outside the theater, Yukie was seen riding a horse fleeing from a group of masked men. While Naruto pursue Yukie, Sakura and Sasuke took care of the men. Kakashi appears though apoligizing to the men and Sandayu, Yukie's manager who was also in pursuit. He reveals that they were part of the stage group.

Naruto keeps chasing Yukie and finds out that she is nothing like the person she was acting in the movies. She refuses Naruto's request for an autograph. Naruto keeps chasing her and finally she signs him one but sprayed him with a pepper spray and ripped the autograph apart as she walks away.

Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke listens to Director Makino as he reveals that Yukie is always like that but she changes completely when the camera starts rolling. They reveal that they are going to shoot the next film in the Land of Snow and they want them to act as bodyguard.

Yukie is seen in a bar apparently drunk. A man, apparently with bad intentions, almost did something to her but Naruto interrupts knocking him to the side. Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sandayo arrives to convince Yukie to come back but Yukie says she won't be going to the Land of Snow. Kakashi put her under a genjutsu using his sharingan.

Yukie awakens to find herself in a ship sailing to the Land of Snow. The scene moves to show just how good Yukie really is at acting.

The scene moves to later where they find themselves blocked by a block of glacier. The director sees this as a blessing and tells everyone they are going to shoot there. As they were shooting they were interrupted by Kakashi who had taken notice that three ninjas were hiding in the snow. As they fight, Yukie flashbacks to the time where her father tells her to look at a mirror and that she will she the future. She sees fire and her drowning. When Sasuke used the Firebolt jutsu, she realizes the dream is occurring. Kakashi finally was able to distract them enough to get away using his sharingan.

Sandayo reveals that Yukie is actually the princess of the Land of Snow. He reveals that Doto had killed her father and took over the land and that he wants to bring her back so that they could start a rebellion. Yukie interrupts him by refusing his request but Kakashi says that they cannot turn back since Doto have already found out about them and they kept going forward.

They get near the Land of Snow only to be interrupted by the news that Yukie had run away. Team Kakashi went out to look for them. Naruto, having remembered her smell, found her first and took her back by holding her in his back. As they go through the tunnel, a train suddenly appear and Naruto was forced to run out. Despite Yukie's pessimism, Naruto manages to get out. As the train stop just outside of the tunnel, Sandayo and 50 of the loyal warriors attempt revenge at Doto who was inside the train. They were killed by a machine that throws multiple kunais at one shot. Sandayu was the only one left standing and before the final shot was blasted Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi interrupted managing to destroy part of the train. As they are recovering, Doto came in a flying airplane and manages to capture Yukie and Naruto was able to get on the plane as well. Naruto was quickly found out and was placed in a contraption that limits the use of chakra. Yukie gave Doto the hexagonal crystal that Doto wanted but he realized it was a fake. Yukie realized that it must have been Kakashi that switched them. Naruto and Yukie was put in the jail where Naruto even through the shock from the chakra limiter was able to break free but unfortunately was shocked to unconsciousness with the door of the jail. Yukie finally shows signs of change.

The leaf ninjas was able to break in and Naruto faking his collapse was able to break Yukie free. Yukie fakingly leads them to where Doto is where when she gives him the crystal attempts to kill him with a dagger. Doto reveals that he has the next prototype of chakra armor. As he takes Yukie with him and go through Naruto follows him. Sasuke and Sakura was able to defeat the two subordinates while Kakashi the other. Doto places the crystal in the lock hoping to find a great treasure but instead a hot spring began to form. Enraged he took out his anger on Naruto. Sasuke came in after founding the secret of the chakra armor and with his chidori was able to facture the armor. Naruto then was able to break it with his rasengan merged with rainbow chakra.

The machine was revealed to be some kind of generator to turn the snow away and make it spring. A hologram was shown of Yukie's father and Yukie was seen laughing for the first time in the movie.

The movie ends with a different Yukie saying that she will continue acting and rule the Land of Snow at the same time.

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