Naruto Uzimaki

Naruto Uzumaki is a 12 year Old ninja, With a Goal to Become the hokage and surpass all of them. When He was born, The Fourth Hokage sealed The Kyuubi [Nine-Tailed Fox] Inside of him, Leaving a monster inside of his body. During his Childhood, Naruto Was hated by almost everyone in the village, He Never Had any friends.

When He Became Older, He Recognized, Sasuke. A Ninja Better Than Him, Had Better Grades, Was loved by everyone in the village, but he had something in common with him. Sasuke and him had no parents.

Later On, He Turned Into a Genin. He Was In a Team WIth Sasuke, Sakura (His Crush) and His Sensei Was Kakashi Hatake.

Naruto Has Always Tried to be on the Bright side of life, Even though he had no friends and no parents. He didn't care, He always made trouble In Konoha and was always trying to catch attention.

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