Naruto Shippuden: The Movie

Naruto Shippuden: The Movie
Shonen Jump's US Dubbed Movie Cover
Directed by Hajime Kamegaki
Written by Junki Takegami
Music by Yasuharu Takanashi
Distributed by TOHO
Release Date(s) August 4, 2007 (Japan)

November 10, 2009 (US)

Running Time 95 min
Country Japan
Language Japanese


DVD Release Date(s) April 23, 2008 (Japan)

November 10, 2009 (US)

Naruto Shippuden: The Movie is the fourth overall movie in the Naruto series and the first from the Naruto Shippuden series.

[edit] Summary

The film starts with a scene where Naruto apparently dies pierced through the heart from a fight with a dark purple monster. The scene moved to present time where Yomi and his subordinates Kusana, Shizuku, Gitai, and Setsuna also called the Gang 4 infiltrated the chamber where Mouryou was sealed. Yomi released Mouryou and let him temporarily stay inside his body until he return to his original body.

The scene move to the next day in Konoha where news of the infiltration was reported. Other ninjas head out to stop Mouryou's Ghost Army(an army of giant puppet stone knights) from reaching to the place where Mouryou's body is sealed away. Team 7, with Rock Lee replacing Sasuke and Neji replacing Kakashi, was assigned to protect the Demon Country's High Priestess Shion while she goes to the place where Mouryou's body is located and seal him again.

The scene moves again at night to the place where Shion lives. The Gang 4 was shown to have gotten powers from Yomi in a form of a leech to give them extra chakra. After absorbing the chakra leeches they were transformed into a monster, more like the Cursed Seal of Orochimaru. The four of them infiltrated the bases only to be stopped by Naruto at the last moment. Naruto recklessly falls for their trap to later be saved by Lee and Sakura. Neji was able to stop Kusana barely from killing the princess. The other Gang 4 members ran out of the special chakra and retreated.

The next day, Shion saw a vision of the opening scene where Naruto apparently dies and tells Naruto about it. Naruto became really worried when told that 100 of her predictions had all came true but Sakura and Neji was untroubled. Shion decides to leave immediately with Team 7 without the army of the Demon Country. Taruha, Shion's guardian, sees through this and followed her. He caught up with them and they took a rest in a forest. Shion saw another vision apparently where she herself dies. The next day she told Taruha to leave saying she saw a vision that he was going to die.

As they move on, they were attacked by the Gang 4 again. While Naruto and Lee fight two of them, Neji and Sakura flees. Lee was able to defeat Gitai after opening 5 gates and getting drunk. Neji was tricked to believing that he was fending the other two giving chase when one of them sneaked away and poisoned Sakura while killing Shion. As Naruto catches up with the others he finally realized that the Shion that was killed was really Taruho in disguise. Neji then instructs Naruto to take Shion to the Sealed Chamber while they ambush the rest of the Gang 4 when they attack again. Yomi tells the Gang 4 that they were tricked and the Gang 4(now only 3) attempted to attack Neji, Lee, and Sakura. Neji after realizing their chakra was from an external source decided to wait out until they run out of chakra and ambush them. They were finally able to defeat them.

Naruto finally reached the shrine only to be stopped by the stone ghost army. Naruto gets back to the shrine and distracted the army with rasengans and held them off with his shadow clones while Shion goes inside to seal Mouryou.

Mouryou tells Shion that they were once one of the same and were divided into two personalities where one started to call himself Mouryou and the other a priestess. He reveals that the sealing technique was only to merge them together sealing both of them. Shion starts the ritual by putting up the barrier. Mouryou uses Yomi to be able to get through the barrier, a fatal mistake for Shion. As Mouryou revives, Kakashi and the other shinobis arrive to help out. Naruto then came inside. Shion was swallowed to the depths of Mouryou while still protected by the bell which holds the power of the priestess that Miroku her mother stored for her. She was given the choice of letting go of the bell and die before Naruto dies or let Naruto die. When the scene repeats the destined vision before Naruto was pierced in the chest Shion gave the bell to him and he was protected. Shion realizes that she must give up her life to defeat Mouryou, but before she does that Naruto came in and rescued her. After finally convincing Shion that she doesn't want to die, he merged her chakras from the bell and his chakra to form a rasengan and finally defeats Mouryou.

A final ending where Shion asks Naruto to help her pass down her powers of a priestess, meaning helping her by becoming a father, he misunderstood it and agreed.

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