Nagato Uzumaki

Pain is the supposably leader of Akatsuki who is partnered up with Konan. He wears the Rei (Zero) ring.

Pains six bodies

Age : Around 40

Blood Type : A

Born On : 9/19

Current Status : Deceased

Akatsuki partner : Konan

Eye Color : Blue Rinnegan

Gender : Male

Hair Color : Brown/red

Height : 176.5 cm (Deva)

Weight : 57.2 kg (Deva)

[edit] Overview

Nagato (or Pain) was a student of Jiraiya, just like Naruto, who was a determined kid just like his friend Yahiko. As a child, his parents were killed by accident by Leaf Village Ninjas in search for surviving Rain Village citizens that should have escaped. He then became an orphan straying for his life out in the open. After a while, he met Konan and Yahiko, who were also orphans, living a life just like his. Though Yahiko and Konan would often steal foods and needed supplies, they used that in order to stay alive for the time being. After an attacked caused the three to flee from their hideout, where their possessions were. At the time, the Three Great Sannin were known as great strong Leaf ninjas, but Nagato though otherwise since his incident with the Leaf Ninjas.

After leaving their hideout, they decided to so in search for the Three Sannin so that they could learn different types of Ninjutsu and such so that they can fend for themselves as they grow older. Once they found them, Jiraiya decided to take care of them while Tsunade and Orochimaru, the other of the two Sannin, continue on their mission. Jiraiya would always train the three children and would also teach them important life lessons at the same time. As time progressed, Nagato obtained his unknown powers when Yahiko was being attacked by an unknown ninja. Yahiko, on the verge of dying, was then saved by Nagato when he used one of the many powers incorporated in the legendary eyes of the Rinnegan. The Rinnegan eyes has the powers to create and also use practically every kind of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu known to be usable. The Rinnegan was also known to be used my the Sage of Six Paths who was said to have "shaped" the ninja world.

As years progressed, the three had gotten older and learned many useful jutsu to keep alive for the time when the Master and his students part ways. After leaving, the three had recruited many other ninjas determined to help Nagato and Yahiko reach their goal. Everything was going fine until Konan was kidnapped causing Yahiko and Nagato come after her to bring her back to safety. The kidnapper was none other than Hanzou, the Salamander. Hanzou was also the opponent of the Three Sannin. Hanzou knew something of Nagato's hidden powers, so in order to let Konan out is by having Nagato kill his best friend Yahiko. After killing Yahiko, Konan was released, triggering a trap of many Paper Bombs. Nagato was able to avoid the deadly trap, so in anger, he activated the Rinnegan's hidden potential summoning fourth the Sealing Blind Statue that would send out dragons to steal the souls of those who would get in its path. Unfortunately, Hanzou fled the area leaving only Nagato and Konan and Yahiko's dead body. Soon after that, Pain was created.

Pain then gathers a larger team to add to his arsenal, thus creating the Akatsuki Organization. Pain also gather intelligence on the location of Hanzou in order to seek revenge on him for that incident since the last then they met. After locating his whereabouts he went and killed him. Pain didn't just stop at that, but he also went and killed his family, friends, and anyone else who would have associated with him. Since then, none of his other team members, besides Konan, knew of his personality, strengths, or abilities, what made everyone consider him a god. With his god-like powers, he was able to conquer the Rain village and stay in the tallest building in the area, where he would hide his greatest secret. Pain was still figuring out the Rinnegan powers and discovered that he was able to successfully control the Six Paths. Eventually, with the black rods placed onto him form his last battle with Hanzou, he used those to take control of dead bodies, thus letting him used each Path with one body.

[edit] Abilities

Pain, or Nagato, is a very unique type of ninja because of his special ability to utilize every type of Jutsu. Since there are six paths to pain, there are six types of abilities Pain is able to use:

-First is the Tendou, or Deva Realm, which wields the powers to use the Universal Push/Pull jutsus and the ability to summon the Blind Sealing Statue. This realm's appearance looks like Yahiko, Nagato's best friend, who died in order to save Konan from Hanzou. It seems that it is proven that Yahiko is now controlled by Nagato through the chakra rods placed into each of the realms.

-Next is the Chikushoudou, or Animal Realm, who has the ability to summon ferocious monster. The types of beasts that are summoned are a bird, a three-headed dog, a chameleon, a crab, and a centipede. There are only two Animal Realms that Pain used, one was killed and taken by Jiraiya resorting Pain to have another person, or corpse, to be the user of the Animal Realm.

-The next one is the Ningendou, or Human Realm, who has the ability to take the souls of weaker opponents. He is also skilled at Taijutsu and close ranged attacks so that would mean that he would be weaker if a ninja were to attack him from a farther range.

-The one after the Human Realm would be the Jigokudou, or Hell Realm, who has the ability to bring back the dead by summoning the Emna Head. The Enma Head can take in the head of the dead and return them back to normal with no injury at all. This was one of Pain's useful Realms since he can bring back any other of his realms if they were to be defeated.

-Then there is the Shuradou, or Asura Realm, who has the ability to use technological weapons. The type of weapons he can use are weapons like missiles and laser-like beams.

-The last of the Realms is the Gakidou, or Hungry Ghost Realm, who has the ability to absorb chakra and elemental bases jutsus. Naruto was able to defeat this Realm by letting him absorb the Nature Chakra inside of Naruto causeing this realm to turn into a toad stone.

One of Pain's most devastating techniques was called the Shinra Tensei, which causes a massive gravity wave to cause everything in Konoha to be pushed away from the center of the village. This technique, unfortunately, shortens Pain's life but that is the cost for using this massive Jutsu.

Another one of Pain's devastating jutsu is the Planetary Devastation, where Pain uses a strong gravity to pull the ground into the air making a small "planet" in the air. It is said that the Sage of Six Paths used this technique to create the moon.

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