Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Gender Male
Height 179.2 cm
Weight 66.1 kg
Highest Rank Hokage (Jonin)
Classification Hokage
Previous Affiliations Konohagakure
Previous Team(s) Team Jiraiya

Team Minato

Family Kushina Uzumaki (Wife)

Naruto Uzumaki (Son)

Minato Namikze, or more commonly known as Konoha's Yellow Flash, was Konoha's Fourth Hokage and known worldwide for his incredible sealing of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox inside the newborn Naruto. He was considered one of, if not the greatest Hokage that Konoha ever had and was respected by everyone for his natural genius.

[edit] Background

Graduating the Konoha Ninja Academy at the age of ten and then being grouped with two other unknown Genin's in Jiraiya's team, Minato was calm, cool, collected, and a natural genius even at a young age. He managed to impress Jiraiya so many times in fact, that Jiraiya took him under his wing as his apprentice. Years later, he trained his own Genin team consisting of Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin.

Konoha's Yellow Flash

Because of his techniques, Minato became known as Konoha's Yellow Flash mainly because of how fast he was and the way he confused his enemies by disappearing without a trace, and reappearing near them. To do this he used various jutsu, but mainly used his "Flying Thunder God Technique." This technique was viewed during Kakashi Gaiden which was set during the Third Shinobi War, when Kakashi had recently become a Jonin. He, Minato, Rin, and Obito had been sent in to go and fight Kusagakure and lead Konoha's front line of attack. During this time, he gave Kakashi a special kunai as a 'present.' What Kakashi didn't know was that the kunai was imprinted with a tag that had his special jutsu seal upon it. Kakashi and his two companions left to go destroy a bride while Minato stayed behind to fight off enemy ninja, which he quickly wiped out using his Flying Thunder God Technique. It is also noted that when the enemy ninja saw Minato they recognized him as Konoha's Yellow Flash and cowered in fear.

Right after defeating the ninja, Minato used his technique again to appear where Kakashi and Rin were struggling in a fight against enemy ninja, and Obito had been crushed by rocks. Minato defeated the ninja and rescued his two students, but he was too late to rescue Obito. Afterwards, he explained that the kunai he had given Kakashi would send him a message whenever it was thrown, and activate his jutsu, or draw him towards the place the kunai was thrown.

Fourth Hokage

As mentioned earlier, Minato was also known as Yondaime, or the Fourth Hokage. He was chosen by Hiruzen Sarutobi to become the next Hokage and take care of Konoha. Shortly after this it was explained that he and Kushina Uzumaki were in a relationship, and at the time Kushina was pregnant with their very own son. They wanted to name their son Naruto, after a character in Jiraiya's autobiography, hence why Jiraiya is Naruto's godfather.

Shortly after the birth of Naruto, the village was pitted against the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. All of Konoha rushed to fight against the beast, and the first to step on the battle field was Minato, alongside Jiraiya's personal summoning animal Gamabunta. Though they worked together perfectly, their techniques had no real effect on the Kyuubi, and it wasn't before long that Minato realized that the Kyuubi was being controlled by none other than Madara Uchiha. Upon realizing this Minato noted that his job as a Hokage was over and that the only way to save the village was for him to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, which sealed the Kyuubi into his newly born son. Minato sealed the beast there, because he knew that Madara would eventually come back stronger than before, and he hoped that his son would be able to defeat him.

Right as he did this, he used the Four Symbols Seal technique and the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style so that Naruto had access to half of the demon fox's chakra. The other half was stored in a key and given to Jiraiya. At the same moment he also asked the villagers if they would view his son as a hero rather than the holder of a monster, because without his son, there would be no more Konoha. Very few villagers would heed his request, thus making Naruto an outcast. Sarutobi honored this request and did his best to make sure Naruto was comfortable.

The act of sealing the Kyuubi cost Minato his life - shortly after the beast was sealed he died, as both Konoha's Greatest Hokage, and Konoha's Greatest Hero. This deed also earned him an even larger place in everyone's hearts, and a name that would be respected in years to come.

A full picture of Minato wearing his trademark jacket.

[edit] Abilities

Minato's full capabilities in combat are unknown, but Jiraiya claims that Minato was easily one of the greatest shinobi ever lived in both genius and combat. Most of the time during Kakashi Gaiden, Minato fled at the first sight of the opponent, so not much fighting was done. He was able to knock out an entire row of people though, doing it so fast that no one could tell how he knocked them out.

Minato was known for being very smart when fighting. He was also known for being very quick, hence the Flying Thunder God Technique that let him zoom from place to place with a bit of help from his special (and extra heavy) kunai. He also could use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, which makes the user seal the soul of a demon or a beast into another person. A shinigami will appear and cut the soul from the original body, then placing it in another body. However, the user has to give up their own soul in return so that the cycle of death continues to stay in balance.

Minato was also able to the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, the Four Symbols Seal, and he could use Animal Summons and summon Toads. He was known to work very well with Gamabunta, but he could also work well with any other of Jiraiya's toads, as he and Jiraiya spent many years with them.

Minato was also the creator of one of the most famous jutsus, the spiral chakra jutsu, Rasengan. He created this jutsu using his own techniques and worked very hard to master the spiraling of the user's chakra. He was also planning on adding his own personal touches to the jutsu, after showing it to Jiraiya, but his early death prevented that. Naruto now knows this jutsu, as Jiraiya taught it to him, and the legacy continues.

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