Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha
Age Born on December 24
Gender Male
Height 183 cm
Weight 55.9 kg
Highest Rank Unknown
Current Rank Rogue Ninja
Previous Afflictions Konohagakure
Organization Akatsuki

Madara Uchiha is the founder of the Uchiha Clan and one of the founding fathers of Konohagakure. Though he was presumably dead after the fight with the First Hokage in the Valley of the End, it was found that Madara actually survived during the battle and died some time later. Tobi claimed to be Madara to instigate war, and only until recent chapters has it been revealed that he was not the real Madara.

[edit] Background

When he was an adolescent, he often sparred with his younger brother Izuna, who he treated as a rival as much as he did a sibling. Eventually, both he and his brother became the first of his clan to obtain the Mangekyō Sharingan. Such a feat would bring both of them to the highest status in the Uchiha Clan, and Madara became its leader since he was the elder brother.

Madara and the rest of his clan participated in a multitude of battles, conquering every enemy that stood in their path and quickly building up notoriety. Eventually, Madara's conquests would lead him to the Senju Clan and its leader, Hashirama Senju, who would later be known as the First Hokage. Acknowledged by many as the greatest ninja in the world, Hashirama was greatly admired by Madara. As such, fighting him on multiple occasions significantly boosted his reputation, but also increased his enemies. Madara also began to lose his eyesight due to extended use of the Mangekyō Sharingan, and in a final act of desperation turned to his little brother for help. Izuna supposedly agreed to offer up his eyes to Madara, which would cure Madara of his blindness and grant him additional power. However, shortly afterwards, the Senju Clan proposed a truce, which the Uchiha accepted. Madara, on the other hand, vehemently opposed the truce, claiming that it would void his little brother's sacrifice. Nevertheless, Madara was forced to agree to the truce since the rest of the clan supported it. Following the agreement, Senju and Uchiha signed a pact with the Land of Fire, who needed a powerful military force, thus giving birth to Konohagakure. Madara, who felt that the Uchiha was losing its credibility due to Hashirama being appointed the Hokage, began pleading with his clan. Much to his dismay, the clan refused, instead accusing Madara of being greedy and taking the eyes of his little brother out of lust for power. Feeling betrayed, Madara left the village, only returning to challenge the First Hokage. Madara was supposedly killed by Hashirama at the place which is now called the Valley of the End.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kabuto resurrected Madara using the Edo Tensei. It was revealed then that Madara survived the fight with the First Hokage. During the fight Madara supposedly was able to attain a part of the First Hokage's power, possibly meaning the Senju clan's power. Madara claims that before he died he was able to awaken the Rinnegan.

[edit] Abilities

Madara with the Rinnegan

Since he has the powers to maintain Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, he is able to use the special techniques such as the Sharingan Copy Technique; Izanagi, the Forefather God; Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun; Tsukuyomi, the God of the Moon; Susanoo, the God of the Sea and Storms; Kamui, the God's Majesty; Fire Ball Jutsu, Phoenix Flower Jutsu, and the Dragon Fire Jutsu. Before he died, he was able to attain a progression of the sharingan that no one ever has claimed before, the Rinnegan and all the abilities it has.

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