M. 13) Haku's Secret Jutsu: Crystal Ice Mirrors

[edit] Summary

Sasuke decides he wants to fight Haku, for the hunter-nin trick. Zabuza gives yet another command and Haku begins spinning towards Sasuke with the force of a tornado. During all of this, Gatou’s henchmen take Inari’s mother hostage! They threaten to kill Inari, but she says she will bit her tongue off and kill herself if they touch Inari. They grab Inari’s mom while Inari just sits there powerless to do anything and he hates every second of it. He then remembers what Naruto and his father said to him, at that second he vows to become stronger. Inari then emerges from his home and tells the men to let go of his mother, he begins running at them while they take out there swords. At the bridge Sasuke & Haku are still fighting with each other, Haku says he has 2 advantages over Sasuke that will help him win. The first is that he has occupied one of Sasuke’s hands and the second is the water all over the floor. Haku then performs his Secret Jutsu : Flying Water Needles, and stomps on the water. The splash from the water turns into needles, and Sasuke remembers to release his chakra. At Tazumi’s home, Naruto shows up just in the knick of time, he quickly performs the Kawarimi no Jutsu and saves both Inari’s mom and Inari. He says he knew that the samurai were headed this way because of clues along the way. When the henchmen try to attack Naruto they fail miserably and Naruto knocks them out easily. The scene quickly changes to Sasuke & Haku. As Haku is attacking Sasuke, Sasuke is doing a great job of dodging the moves, and ends up behind of Haku, the two continue fighting until Sasuke gets a kick in on Haku. After Naruto finishes tying the two henchmen up, Naruto apologizes to Inari for calling him a sissy. Inari begins to cry and Naruto tells him that crying is allright as long as you’re happy. He then asks Inari if he can count on him while he goes back to the bridge. Inari agrees. Haku suddenly begins doing his Secret Jutsu: Demonic Ice Mirrors. A lot of ice mirrors suddenly surrond Sasuke. Haku then magically appears in each one of the ice mirrors. Kakashu runs to help aid Sasuke, but Zabuza steps in his way. Sasuke is left in the demonic ice mirror jutsu all alone, he also gets cut repeatedly by Hakus attacks from each one of the mirrors. Sakura then throws Sasuke his dagger back, but Haku catches it. However Naruto shows up right then and knocks Haku out of his own jutsu.

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