Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel
Naruto the Movie 2 Cover.jpg
Shonen Jump's US Movie Cover
Directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki
Written by Junki Takegami
Music by Toshio Masuda
Distributed by TOHO
Release Date(s) August 6, 2005 (Japan)

July 26, 2008

Running Time 97 min
Country Japan
Language Japanese


DVD Release Date July 29, 2008 (US)

Naruto Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel was the second overall movie in the Naruto film series. The time period of when this took place is after Sasuke's departure. This was implied due to Shikamaru's appearance as a Chunnin and Sasuke's no appearance.

[edit] Summary

The movie starts with a battle between the sand and an army of big armor knights. The knights seemed to have the battle until backup with Gaara and Kankuro appears. They turn the tide and force the knights to retreat. The battle ends with apparently the knight's warship open fire against the sand. Gaara was able to protect them with his sand wall.

[[Uzumaki Naruto}, [Shikamaru Nara]], and Sakura Haruno undertake a mission to capture a pet ferret. They were interrupted though by the same armor knight. After Naruto defeated it, Temujin appears and starts to fight Naruto. They were blown up to the bottom of the cliff by the impact from Naruto's rasengan and Temujin's Rising Thunder. Sakura and Shikamaru hears the explosion and rushes to find out what's going on. The warship that was previously at the battle appears.

Naruto and Temujin reawakens in a traveling caravan. Apparently the missing ferret belongs to the caravan elder, Kahiko. The ferret, Nerugui, seems to like Temujin. A flashback shows Temujin's childhood past where his village was destroyed with him seemingly as the only survivor. He was almost found out but at the last second the invader turned around with Temujin catching only a slight glimpse of his mouth.

Kahiko and Emina, his granddaughter, tells Naruto they were actually part of a country that was destroyed long ago in a disaster. Nerugui apparently is older than Kahiko himself and that he was once a part of the lost country. Temujin questions Naruto about his power apparently not having any knowledge on chakras. Temujin asks Naruto to join him but Naruto refuses.

Temujin sneaked out of the caravan. Before he goes, he saves a falling child and says that he has repaid the debt from the caravan. Naruto follows Temujin and they arrive in front of the strange ship from before. Temujin beckons Naruto to come inside and meet Haido. Temujin says to Haido that Naruto has a special power and attacks Naruto to show him. Haido says to stop and says that fighting is bad. He then reveals their plan of creating a utopia without any fighting and wars. Haido asks Naruto to join but Naruto kindly refuses saying that he wants to become Hokage. An intercom interrupts them saying that the Wind Country invasion was disrupted. Temujin goes to check it out followed by Naruto. Haido heard Temujin says that he was taken care of by a caravan and Haido tells one of his subordinate to go somewhere.

Temujin falls for the trap set by Kankuro. Kankuro reveals to Naruto that Temujin's group has been attacking innocent villages. Naruto was enraged and began fighting Temujin as he breaks free. Kamina and Ranke, two subordinates of Haido with similar powers of Temujin, began to fight Kankuro and later Gaara as he arrives. They were finally able to defeat them and Temujin was forced to fall back. He tells Naruto that all this was a necessary sacrifice.

The scene moves to Fugai another one similar to Kamina and Ranke attacking the caravan. She was able to get a hold of Kahiko and asks him of the Stone of Gelel until Shikamaru and Sakura intervened. Fugai managed to escape.

A flashback informs us that after Temujin's village was destroyed he met Haido. Along with other orphans who became the knight warriors. Temujin though was a peculiar one that the crystal of gelel accepted. The crystal was inside of him and gave him the power. Temujin hears that the caravan knows something about the Stone of Gelel and sets out. Temujin fell into the trap set by Shikamaru and was tied up. Kahiko says that Temujin was part of his clan that was the original founders of Gelel. It was a source of power and turned many people in greed to want it. Soon with the wars the country was destroyed and they went overseas to here. Temujin after hearing this breaks free and kidnaps Kahiko. The ferret knowing the way to the Vine of Gelel goes leading Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura.

They finally arrive and Temujin and Kahiko arrives at the place of the location. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura interrupts them but then Haido arrives in his ship. Naruto then says to Haido that he will destroy any utopia that doesn't cherish friends. While distracted, Kahiko manages to open a secret passageway leading to the Sealing Room with Temujin. Enraged at the words that Kahiko was going to destroy the Gelel, he shows that he has immense strength and knocks Naruto away while breaking the ground to open the door. The two subordinates tries to follow but was stopped by Shikamaru and Sakura. They fight and finally was able to beat them with the help of Kankuro.

Below, Kahiko reveals that he will destroy the Gelel with the blood from Temujin. Before he could do it though Haido arrives. Haido attempts to kill Kahiko but Temujin intervened saying it wasn't necessary anymore. Haido keeps aiming at Kahiko and Temujin began to feel Haido's evil presence. Naruto arrives and saves Kahiko. Kahiko reveals that Haido was the one that attacked Temujin's village. Naruto fights Haido and was able to hit him with a rasengan but Haido regenerates with the help from the Vine of Gelel. Temujin after being encouraged by Naruto's words finally lends a hand with Naruto. Temujin gives Naruto a rasengan in the form from the crystal gelel. Naruto finally was able to hit Haido and he dies. In the process they wrecked the control for the Vine and it starts going crazy. Temujin tries to stop it by opening the black hole and going down with it but Naruto saves him. The movie ends with the picture of blackness that was said to be the horror of the Vine of Gelel to shatter revealing a new picture of happiness.

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