Kishuna Uzumaki

Kishuna Uzumaki
Birthday July 10
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Weight 47 kg
Affiliations Uzushiogakure


Clan Uzumaki
Family Naruto Uzumaki (son)

Minato Namikaze (husband)

Kishuna Uzumaki is the wife of the legendary Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze and the mother of the main character Naruto Uzumaki.

[edit] Bio

She was a native born of Uzushiogakure in the well reputed Uzumaki clan. She took up Ninja Education in Konohagakure. On her first day at the Ninja Academy she self proclaimed herself that she would be the first female Hokage causing the other classmates to tease and pick on her except for Minato who was in the same class as her. At that time, Kishuna tought that Minato was a wimp. Because of her round face with red hair and her temperament she was called Tomato and the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero. One day she was kidnapped by Kumogakure ninjas for her special chakra. Kishuna left a trail of her red hair in an attempt to get someone to rescue her. Minato rescued her and said to her that he had always admired her red hair. This marks the time when Kishuna stopped thinking of him as a wimp and started falling in love with him. Later on Kishuna became the Kyuubi jinchuriki after Mito Uzumaki. After some time, Kishuna married Minato and conceived a son. While doing this, she was at her weakest and was forced to be convined so that the Kyuubi would not break free. Madara Uchiha at this time took the opportunity and let the Kyuubi free and controlled it causing the incident that started the anime. Kishuna sealed part of the Kyuubi's chakra with her chakra and the other part Minato used Dead Demon Curse Seal and then they made their new born son the new jinchuriki. This was how these two were able to come forth later on to talk to Naruto.

[edit] Abilities

The Uzumaki clan is famed for being strong willed and have an above average chakra. The clan is also famed for the skills in funijutsu.

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