(Kinkaku, 金角)
Birthday March 7th
Age 44 at death
Gender Male
Height 6.0ft
Weight 175lbs
Kekkei Genkai
Clan Descendant of Rikudou
Family Ginkaku (Brother)
Affiliations Kumogakure (formerly)
Team Gold & Silver Brothers
Blood type A

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[edit] Biography

The Gold and Silver Brothers, aka KinGin Kyouda, are the most notorious criminals in the history of Kumogakure. They were once assigned a mission in capturing the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, but were swallowed whole. However, they survived, and thrashed inside the tailed beast's stomach for two weeks, eventually forcing the Kyuubi to regurgitate them. While in his stomach, they survived by eating the flesh of the beast, and it not only allowed them to survive, but also gave them a portion of the fox's power. During a peace treaty ceremony between Konohagakure's Second Hokage and Kumogakure's Second Raikage, the two brothers staged a coup d'état that left the Hokage on the brink of death.

[edit] Personality

Kinkaku held similar belief to his brother that words were ninja tools, used for deceiving, and that such tactics were acceptable in battle. Thus is one of the reasons he and his brother are looked at as disgraces in Kumogakure. However, Kinkaku, in the manga, was shown to be more stoic and composed than his brother. He rarely seemed to get excited or show much emotion. The one thing that will get Kinkaku riled up is harm being done to his brother, where we see he cares deeply for him. When Ginkaku is sealed away within his own weapon by Darui, Kinkaku loses it and undergoes bijuu transformation in rage.

[edit] Appearance

Kinkaku, was a tall and muscular shinobi, which seems standard for the Kumogakura. He had light-colored eyes with dark-colored sclera, grey-toned skin (depicted as fair-colored in the anime), as well as long, golden hair cover with prominent dark tips, giving it the look of a Native American headdress. These features are accentuated by the presence of two horns atop his head as well as a light-colored rectangular marking on his nose. He also had the same characteristic whisker-like marks on his face as Naruto Uzumaki.

His typical attire was comprised of a standard Kumogakure flak jacket that is black on the edges, worn over a purple, high-collared, sleeveless uniform, a purple forehead protector, and a pair of simple wrist-guards. The kanji for "gold"' (金, kin) was tattooed on his left shoulder.

[edit] Abilities

Kinkaku, along with his brother, are well known for their prowess during their lifetime, so much so that one Kumogakure shinobi trembled in fear when he saw them and the Fourth Raikage considered disregarding his duties as leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces to personally deal with the duo.

Jinchūriki Transformations

Due to having been devoured by the Kyuubi, and eating its flesh to survive, Kinkaku can undergo bijuu transformation like that of a Jinchuriki. Though he can most likely use the power at will, it automatically activates when he's in a state of frenzy. When Ginkaku is sealed away, he explodes in rage and transforms. Kakuzu, nearby states that he hasn't seen Kinkaku do that in ages, and concludes Ginkaku must have been defeated.

Treasured Tools

The brothers wielded the five Treasured Tools of Rikudo, all of which cost a large amount of chakra, enough to kill normal humans before they can utilize the tools properly. Because of this incredible feat, Kinkaku and his brother, can be considered weapon specialists. The brothers can use them due to the combination of their high chakra level, strong bodies they inherited from Rikudo, and the Kyuubi Chakra they acquired. By combining the Benihisago, Kōkinjō and Shichiseiken, they can capture their opponent's word soul (言霊, kotodama) and body, sealing them away for good. The Bashōsen allows them to create any of the five basic elements. Kinkaku usually wielded the Kōkinjō and Bashōsen. He and Ginkaku have shown to take turns using the Shichiseiken, but usually Ginkaku would wield it.

[edit] Trivia

  • * Kinkaku translates to "Gold Horn" in English.
  • * During the fight, Kinkaku used 3 of the 4 Sage tools during battle. The fan and sword being used once, and the rope, which he uses thrice.
  • * It's possible that Kinkaku is the smarter of the two brothers, given that any perception in battle, came from him. He connects Darui to the third Raikage after seeing his tattoo, which he tells Ginkaku. He knew instantly when Darui said his cursed word "drab", and told Ginkaku to ready Benihisago. He's able to figure out why Darui wasn't sealed. He also thought to use his immortality to his advantage and kicked his severed arm into Darui to hit him with Kōkinjō.
  • * According to the fourth databook, Kinkaku's power, either in general, or just his bijuu form, can match 1,000 ninja.
  • * It's possible Kinkaku was released from the Kohaku no Johei sometime after the war. When he was sealed, he had the Kōkinjō on his arm, Darui commenting the weapons are useless due to the fact it was sealed away with Kinkaku. But in the epilogue chapter-700, Tenten is shown to have the Sage Tools on display in her shop, the Kōkinjō included. So, seems it was acquired off of Kinkaku's arm somehow.
  • * Kakuzu has seen Kinkaku's transformation personally. Meaning they could have been comrades or battled one another, at some point.
  • * Kinkaku, his brother, and their weapons are based off of the Gold Horn and Silver Horn Kings of the classic novel, Journey to the West. In the story, they live in the Lotus Cave, and are self-proclaimed demon kings, who command an army of smaller demons. Their mother was a nine-tailed fox vixen, who stayed in the form of an old woman. They also lived near their uncle, who was a fox demon. Golden Horn (Kinkaku) is the older brother in the tale. He meets the same fate of being sealed away in the treasures. Silver Horn is sealed away first, and Golden Horn is brought down after a long battle with Wukong.

[edit] Anime Goofs and Changes

  • * Kinkaku smirks alot in the anime. But he was usually depicted frowning in the manga.
  • * In the manga, when Kinkaku blocks Darui's sword, he's crouching down before being hit with laser circus. In the anime, he's standing up when he blocks the sword, and crouches/ducks down when he sees the attack coming down on him.
  • * In the English dub, Kinkaku's voice is the one speaking, but it was coming out of Ginkaku at the time.
  • * In the anime, episode 270, when we're shown the brothers with their cloaks, after being regurgitated, their horns are missing.
  • * In the manga, Kinkaku sends Samui and Atsui flying with one punch each when hitting them with Kōkinjō . In the anime, he hits Atsui, which only pushes him back a bit, before kicking him. he then hits Samui, but it doesn't send her flying like the manga version.
  • * In the manga, Kinkaku's transformation is instantaneous after Ginkaku is sealed. In the anime, his rage slowly builds as chakra seeps out, before triggering his transformation.
  • * In the manga, Kinkaku is instantly sucked into the Kohaku no Johe. In the anime, it struggles to pull him as his feet grip the ground, then after being pulled loose, he grabs onto a nearby rock, and Ino still using her mind-transfer jutsu forces him to let go.
  • * When shown feasting in Kurama's stomach, Kinkaku is shown to be on the right-hand side, with Ginkaku on the left. It's reversed in the anime.
  • * Kinkaku is shown with whiskers on his face before being devoured by Kurama.
  • * The silver marking on his nose is the same color as his skin in the anime.
  • * His skin is fare-colored in the anime, but it's darker and more grey in the manga.
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