Killer Bee

Killer Bee
Age 35
Gender Male
Class Jinchuriki of Eight-Tailed Ox
Family Third Raikage (father)

Fourth Raikage (brother)

Affiliations Kumogakure

Killer Bee is one of the major characters in Part II of Naruto. He was first introduced during the Pain Invasion Arch where Taka attempts to capture him. He is the jinchuriki of the Eight-Tailed Ox and brother of the Fourth Raikage.

[edit] Bio

When Killer Bee was only 5 years old, he befriended Motoi and became good friends. One day, the Eight-Tailed Ox broke the seal and went rampage and killed Motoi's father. After the incident, the Third Raikage sealed the Eight-Tails inside of Bee. Bee then experienced the same shun as the other jinchurikis experience. Motoi plotted to kill Bee but failed. Bee though didn't contempt him and just smile and kept going. Motoi, out of shame, didn't talk to him for 30 years until later on during the time they were in hiding in an island that they finally spoke.

[edit] Personality

Bee is somewhat like Naruto, being extremely hyper and outgoing. He is constantly in a good mood and everything he says he tries to rhyme, though he is not good at it. He is interested in rhythmic rhymes and keeps a journal with him at all times for good ideas. He is rash, but has the power to back it up, and very optimistic even after Motoi's attempt to kill him and the jinchuriki bias.

[edit] Abilities

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