The Five Kages

Kages are leaders of the 5 most powerful ninja countries of Naruto. All five are known as the Five Kages. They are usually the most skilled and knowledgeable ninja of their country. Some kages in Naruto is named while others are yet to be named so they are referred to as First Hokage, Second Hokage, First Kazekage, etc. Below is the list of kage titles and their corresponding village they rule.

Kages have been showned to be extremely important for their village. They usually represent the jinchuriki of the village. For example, Gaara's(the One-tailed jinchuriki) father is the Fourth Kazekage, Killer Bee(the Eight-tailed jinchuriki) is the brother of the Third Raikage, and Naruto himself (the Nine-tailed jinchuriki) is the son of the Fourth Hokage.

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