Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi
Birthday Feb 29
Age Part I: 19-20

Part II: 23

Gender Male
Height Part I: 176.2 cm

Part II: 177 cm

Weight 65 kg
Blood Type AB
Clan Yakushi
Family Nonou Yakushi (Adoptive Mother)
Rank Genin
Affiliations Konohagakure

Akatsuki ROOT

Partners Orochimaru


Kabuto Yakushi is a major antagonist in the Naruto series. He was first introduced as a loyal follower of Orochimaru. But after Orochimaru's death, he teamed up with Tobi in the Fourth Shinobi World War, though it seems that he has other reasons for cooperating with him.

[edit] Bio

The first thing Kabuto remembered was waking up in a prairie surrounded by orphans from an orphanage and their caretaker, Nonou Yakushi or as she was called Mother. When he was found, he was bleeding and Mother healed him and took him in the orphanage. It was Mother that named him Kabuto. Kabuto grew up in the orphanage and bonded with Mother and regarded her as his real mother. He was taught medical ninjutsu by Nonou and helped along healing hurt shinobis during occurring battles. It was during this that he met Orochimaru for the first time as he complimented his medical skills and recommended him to become a shinobi, though at the time Kabuto refused. One day, Kabuto overheard Danzo giving Nonou a mission for Root even though she had left the organization threatening to cut his funds with the orphanage if she refused. Danzo also asked to take one of the orphans to replaced his dead subordinate. When the next day the orphans were asked who would join Root, Kabuto volunteered. He grew up in Root as an excellent spy until one day as he was doing a mission he was ambushed. In the rush of the moment Kabuto retaliated and killed the enemy only to find that it was Mother. As he was attempting to heal her wounds, Mother looked at him and said "Who are you?" After the encounter Orochimaru found Kabuto in lost thoughts why Mother didn't recognize him. Orochimaru explained that Root had planned from the beginning to make both Kabuto and Nonou kill each other in battle due to their too good a skills. With Mother dead, Kabuto feels stripped from his identity as his life was defined at the moment to stay in Root to help the orphanage and Mother. Orochimaru then explained that he wanted to harness Kabuto's potential and asked him to become his disciple. "If you're not happy with what you have now... you can just find new things to add up." "If you want to know who you are, come with me." Orochimaru promised to protect him from Danzo and created a new identity for him as when he was just a young boy, he was found as the only survivor of the dead in the Battle of Kikyo Pass by a chief medical officer, Nonou Yakushi, who took him in as an adopted son.

After some time, Kabuto was taken by Sasori of Akatsuki who put him under a Memory-Concealing Manipulative Sand Technique and sent him as a spy on Orochimaru. Orochimaru immediately discovered this and released the technique. After then, with his own free will, Kabuto became a loyal follower of Orochimaru.

Kabuto when he first started to implant Orochimaru's DNA

After the death of Orochimaru by the hands of Sasuke Uchiha, Kabuto implanted some of Orochimaru's DNA into his own. He stated that he wanted to finally overcome Orochimaru by fighting the DNA so that it won't completely control him. After some time, the DNA looks as though it has completely spread.

Kabuto was later seen during the Fourth Shinobi World War where he joined forces with Tobi against the allied forces. Kabuto took part in enhancing Zetsu's abilities and gave new potentials to the war by reintroducing Edo Tensei. Kabuto's appearance has undergone a complete change where he looked completely like Orochimaru, though through dialogues it seems as though he is in control of his body. During the fight with Sasuke and Itachi, Kabuto revealed that he has surpassed Orochimaru himself by mastering Ryuchidou, basically the Sage technique of the Snakes.

[edit] Personality

He is shown to be sadistic, but also very well mannered for the most part. He is very loyal to the one he wishes to serve, like Orochimaru. Kabuto enjoys more of mind games then a fist fight. Ever since he was first introduced, he is shown to be very knowledgable of his enemies. In the Chuunin Exams, he is shown to have kept cards with detailed info of the other competitors. He also knew that Tsunade has a fear of blood during their fight. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he uses Edo Tensei to resurrect the dead to fight against the Allied Shinobi Forces, but he has a tendency of sending the resurrected to the one that had some sort of relationship with causing a mental game while also a fist fight. For example, he resurrected the Fourth Kazekage to fight against his son Gaara. With his mind and words, he is shown many times to be very deceitful and cunning liking to hide his identity to manipulate others, as shown when he lied about his identity in the Chuunin Exams. After the transformation he is shown to be even more cunning. Though he is one of the main antagonists he sometimes tend to help out Naruto and the other protagonist. But it wasn't for good deeds but more of a good compromise. He helps Team 7 to pass through the Forbidden Forest so that Orochimaru can lay hands on Sasuke, and he had helped Sakura and Hinata because they were fighting the Akatsuki saying that if they were to defeat them, it would mean less enemies for him.

[edit] Abilities

Kabuto's main specialty is in medical ninjutsu. This is mainly due to his early teachings with a chief medical officer and spending time with Orochimaru, who conducts many medical experiments. He is very intelligent in battle. After implanting Orochimaru's DNA, he gained all of Orochimaru's snake techniques as well as having a snake form just like Orochimaru.

Kabuto's Ryuchidou form.

Recently, he revealed his new ability Ryuchidou which is a form of Sage Mode that he learned through the guidance of the Sage of the White Snake. His perceptual abilities and body seems to have drastically improved as well as having the ability to harness nature energy.

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