K. 11) The Country That Had a Hero

[edit] Summary

Naruto and Sasuke continue at their attempts to climb trees by focusing Chakra to their feet. Sakura gets to watch over Tazuna for the day as she has already completed the training. As Sakura watches Tazuna, one of his employees decides to quit for fear for his family. Tazuna refuses to give up, as he believes that this bridge will help the poor area. Tazuna takes Sakura to go shopping for dinner. Sakura was very surprised to see how the stores barely have anything in them. A little child asks Sakura for food. She gives him some, and Tazuna tells her that it has been that way ever since Gatou came and caused havoc. Tazuna believes that the bridge will give hope to the city, and it will put the city back the way it was. Meanwhile, Naruto is trying to follow the advice Sakura gave him earlier. He tries to be patient, relax, and focus on the tree. Naruto starts to try to climb the tree again, but he is interrupted by Sasuke. Sasuke wants Naruto to tell him what Sakura had told him earlier. Naruto doesn’t tell him. They both continue to try climbing up the trees again. Back at the house, everyone is having dinner, but Naruto and Sasuke aren’t there yet. They burst in the door, exhausted and sit down at the table. Naruto and Sasuke turn eating into a competition. Sakura asks them to stop, and then asks about the torn picture on the wall. Inari starts crying and leaves. Tazuna tells them the story of Inari’s non-blood related father. A few years ago, Inari was being bullied. The kids teased him and threw his dog in the water. Inari couldn’t swim, but the kids pushed him in so he could save his dog. Well, the dog learned to swim, but Inari started to drowned and fainted. When he awoke, there was a man there. He gave Inari food and told him to live a life without regrets. The man, Kaiza, told him that if a man has something that he cared for and wants to protect, he should be willing to put everything on the line to protect it, even his life. Kaiza and Inari became very close, just like father and son. One day afterwards, part of the city was about to be lost in a flood. Kaiza jumped in the river current with just a rope tied to him and saved the city. From then on, he was a hero. Gatou killed the man and made an example out of him. Inari watched as he was killed. Naruto knows how Inari feels and decides to show Inari that real heroes do exist.

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