I. 9) Sharingan Kakashi

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The dagger that Naruto threw, goes through the path between Zabuza’s hand & Kakashi’s barrier. Zabuza lifts his hand out and releases Kakashi. Naruto is extremely happy that he used his shadow replication to hide the transformed shuriken. He had no intention of defeating Zabuza. He left one of his replicas and transformed into a Fuuma shuriken, which he then threw to Sasuke, who used his own technique. He hid in the thadow of the shuriken until he got close enough to break the water prison that Kakashi was being held in. After being released, Kakashi & Zabuza continue fighting. The two chant many different mudras while trying to do the Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Dragon Bullet), and the two water dragons that they created go against each other. Kakashi with his sharingan was able to copy Zabuza perfectly. Zabuza begins to think very weirdly of the situation he is in. He then realizes that Kakashi is mirroring the exact moves he is doing, at that same time however Kakashi finishes off Zabuza’s thought, and this confuses Zabuza even more. Kakashi then does the Suiton Daubakufu no Jutsu (Water Element: Grand Waterfall), this technique was almost completed by Zabuza, but instead Kakashi finished it off, and created a great flood which hit Zabuza followed by several shuriken. Zabuza then asks how Kakashi can see the future. Kakashi responds by saying that Zabuza is going to die. Right then two shurikan fly at Zabuza, they were thrown by a strange faceless man. Kakashi goes to investigate what happened, and proclaims Zabuza dead. Kakashi recognizes the mask that the strange man was wearing as a hunter-nin. A hunter-nin is someone who traces down exiled ninjas and kills them. The strange man then thanks them for weakening Zabuza so he could kill the exiled ninja. Naruto is upset that the hunter-nin killed Zabuza. Zabuza was so strong, but was killed so easily by a little kid like the hinter-nin. The hunter-nin then takes away Zabuza’s body. As they began to leave, Kakashi faints.

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