H. 8) The Oath of Pain

[edit] Summary

The battle between Zabuza and Kakashi seems as though it reached it's end but after some talk Zabuza revealed that he had made a second water clone as he appear behind Kakashi's back. Kakashi avoided the sword slash Zabuza swung at him but wasn't fast enough to dodge his kick as he comes around with the momentum of the swing. Kakashi was kicked into the river and Zabuza tried to bring this battle to an end by slicing him but was put to a stop by caltrops, that Kakashi placed. He then easily jumped over it and into the river. Kakashi hoped that the water would conceal his presence but instead doomed him as Zabuza sneaked behind him and used the Water Prison Jutsu to trap him. He then created another water clone of himself and explained to the three genins that they weren't ninjas as he appears right before Naruto and kicked him aside throwing off his headband. He then stomped it with his foot. Kakashi tries to tell Naruto and the others to get the bridge builder and escape but Sasuke thought that even if they did escape Zabuza would still be able to track them down so he made up his mind that the only option is to rescue his sensei. He then made a charge at Zabuza but was easily taken down. Then Zabuza came in front of Naruto. As Naruto try to run away he saw the hand that he made a vow with and remembered what he went through to get how far he is and the promise that he made. He then says to Zabuza to put him into the bingo book because he will be Hokage one day before charging straight at him. He was easily kicked aside but later showed that he was actually trying to get his headband. Zabuza then laughed as Naruto make his inspirational speech that they were still pretending to be ninjas when they weren't. He told his story that when he was their age he had already killed many other ninjas. Kakashi later explains that in the Village Hidden in the Mist, the Graduation exam to become a ninja was to kill the other students. Then Zabuza flashed back to the time and says that the time felt good. Immediately, he tackled Sasuke and stomped on him. Naruto tries to save him using the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu but was easily wiped away. As Naruto slides on the ground, he threw Sasuke a Fuma Shuriken. Sasuke threw the shuriken at the real Zabuza and he easily grabbed it in midair. But another shuriken was hidden under the shadow of the shuriken and it tries to strike Zabuza but he easily jumped over it. The shuriken then was revealed as Naruto and he threw a kunai knife at him. The end of the episode ends here.

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