Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

Naruto Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
Directed by Toshiyuki Tsuru
Produced by Studio Pierrot, Sunrise
Written by Junki Takegami
Music by Toshio Masuda
Distributed by TOHO
Release Date(s) August 5, 2006 (Japan)

November 8, 2008 (US) in Cartoon Network

Running Time 95 min
Country Japan
Language Japanese


DVD Release Date(s) April 25, 2007 (Japan)

Novemeber 11, 2008 (US)

The third film in the Naruto film series, Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom was a successful movie that attracted many viewers during the days in theater. The theme song to this movie is Tsubomi by MARIA. This movie has been viewed in theaters and on Cartoon Network [even after Toonami was discontinued].

[edit] Story

Warning! Many Spoilers ahead!

The movie begins with our favorite ninja Naruto Uzumaki, his teammate Sakura Haruno, his sensei Kakashi Hatake, and his busy browed friend Rock Lee as they get assigned on a mission to escort a prince, Michiru, back to the Crescent Moon Kingdom. Both he and his son, Hikaru, are spoiled, but Michiru is more friendly than the pessimistic Hikaru. Upon meeting the prince's son, Naruto gets a toy arrow to his head, angering him and causing immediate dislike between him and Hikaru. Kakashi however stopped him before Naruto went over to Hikaru and 'taught him some manners.'

Before getting on the boat to the Crescent Moon Kingdom, Naruto and company stop at a circus because of the Prince's wishes, and there they have their first meeting with a saber-tooted tiger, Chamu, that Hikaru takes a liking to. Hikaru also demonstrates his skill with the bow and arrow, despite them being only fake. Michiru enjoys the circus so much, that he ends up purchasing it! The entire circus must go on board with Naruto and company as they head for the Crescent Moon Island.

Before going to the docks however, the group meets with Michiru's previous wife Amaya, who rejects Michiru because she believes that he doesn't care for anything besides money. She does care for Hikaru and hugs her son upon seeing him. After leaving the house they go onto their ship, and upon the ocean they suffer through a terrible storm. Hikaru doesn't seem concerned about anyone's well being besides his, which angers Naruto so much that he yells at him before running out to help the circus folk and his fellow ninjas take care of the animals. Naruto's words hurt Hikaru who goes out to help his favorite two animals, the monkey Kiki, and Chamu, but almost goes overboard in the process. Luckily Naruto is there to bring him back and say that he might not be such a bad person after all.

Upon arriving at the island, Naruto and company realize that the island is much too quiet, and Michiru agrees that it is quieter than usual. As they walk to the palace, the ninjas take a more defensive stances. When they reach the palace they come across a person named Shabadaba, who used to be the king's adviser, who had taken over the island. He sends guards to attack the group, but Lee, Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura were able to fight off most guards with the help of some of the rebellion guards and made a narrow escape where they encounter a cave where the old king is lying near death, most of his body turned to stone. Sakura is only able to heal part of his arm, and the king eventually dies after asking the ninjas to take care of his son and grandson, and having a few words with both of them.

Kakashi has a discussion with the captain of the guard and they both agree that Michiru and Hikaru must leave the island for their safety, and then they would think about possibly having Konoha backup come to their aid to reclaim the island. The group makes plans to leave, and they do so one evening, at the beach. As they run, they have an encounter with three enemy ninja. The leader, Ishidate, told them that they won't be going anywhere, and his two fellow ninja, Kongou and Karenbana proceed to start the fight. The two groups have a fight and the Konoha ninja get a nasty beating, Kakashi getting his arm turned to stone by Ishidate, and the captain of the guard being turned to stone, and then being destroyed! Naruto is also buried underneath the sand, Lee gets upset and fights but he too gets beaten, and Sakura gets beaten by Karenbana, the only other female ninja.

A comeback from Naruto however after Kongou goes after the lonesome Hikaru who was already crying because his father had been captured, turns the tables. Naruto jumps out of the sand with the fox demon Kyuubi's chakra activated and beats Kongou, and then Karenbana as she rushes over to help him using her rose petal technique which Naruto blows away. The enemy ninja leaves knowing they have suffered defeat, and wonder what sort of creature Naruto is, for a young boy to beat them. It is also revealed during the fight that Karenbana spread a poisoned dust that slowed everyone's senses thus giving the enemy the advantage.

After a pep talk from Naruto, the group makes it final that they must rescue Michiru because letting him die is not an option, and everyone heads towards the castle. Hikaru receives small, real arrows made for him especially as they make their way into the castle. As they do that, Kakashi and the circus group get admitted into the palace front and they put on a distracting performance. Shabadaba in the meanwhile has a noose tied around Michiru's neck and makes him walk a wooden plank. Michiru realizes truth to his father's words, asks Hikaru to forgive him, and slowly walks down the plank, not afraid of death. Kakashi decides that it's time to get the real show started, he talks to Shabadaba from down below, reveals his Sharingan and ninja uniform, and uses a water dragon jutsu that knocks out many of their defenses, while the animals and other circus entertainers.

At the same time Naruto, Lee, Hikaru, and Sakura have run up one floor of stairs, and before they continue, they make a promise to be friends and take care of Hikaru, who becomes very happy. Then they meet up with Kongou, whom Lee eagerly volunteers to fight saying he owes Kongou a beating, and that the others should go on. Lee and Kongou fight while the others continue. The same thing happens with Sakura and Karenbana. Finally Naruto and Hikaru, joined with Chamu and Kiki, make it to the top of the building where they see Michiru. Hikaru calls out to his father who trips and is hanging. Hikaru and Chamu rush to help him while Naruto fights with Ishidate who comes out of nowhere.

Hikaru manages to save his father and Naruto and Ishidate fight very hard, but Naruto gets beaten to the ground. At the same time, Sakura and Lee both get beaten, and Kakashi's jutsu dies down because he used his Sharingan for a long time. He re-enacts it and Lee, Naruto, and Sakura all get up saying: "I won't give up, because I made a promise!" They revived their will and end up beating their opponents. Naruto and Ishidate have a final face off though, in which Michiru participates as Naruto has his legs turned to stone and cannot move. Michiru, with stone shards in his stomach, runs forward with Naruto on his shoulders and lets him use Rasengan on Ishidate. Kakashi falls over right afterwards and Lee and Sakura come out. Kakashi mentions something about not being able to move for a while, and the group decides to take a break in the now peaceful Moon Country.

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