Birthday April 30
Age 48
Gender Male
Height 162.5 cm
Weight 69 kg
Blood Type A
Occupation Businessman
Affiliations Gato Corporation

Gato is a minor character in Part I. His only role was in the Zabuza arch. He dies at the end of the arch.

[edit] Bio

Gato owns a large shipping company that deals with illegal activities. He is the classical bad businessman portrayed in a movies. In the Zabuza Arch, he took control of the Shipping routes of the Land of Waves creating a monopoly of the village. With it he can do as he pleases to the country. When the bridgebuilder attempted to build a bridge that would have made contact with the outside world more accessible ending Gato's monopoly, he hired an assassin Zabuza to kill him. His bodyguards are two samurais, Zori and Waraji.

[edit] Personality

He is like any businessman villains in movies. He is greedy and selfish who only looks for his own gain. He would do anything to get more money even monopolizing and degrading innocent people in the Land of Waves. He is cowardly and powerless with only money as his only asset. When he came to kill off Zabuza and the other ninjas along with the bridgebuilder he brought dozens of mercenaries with him though it would proove useless when he is finally killed by Zabuza.

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