G. 7) The Assassin of the Mist!

[edit] Summary

The group boat through thick mist into the Wave Country. Kakashi wonders who the two ninjas after him were. If Tazuna does not tell Kakashi who they were, the mission is over once they reach the shore. Tazuna agrees to tell them, he tells them that the wealthy ship magnate Gatou, is after his life. He officially runs a shipping company, but on the black market he sells drugs and illegal goods with the help of ninjas. About a year ago, Gatou set his sights on the Wave Country, and started taking over shipping routes, and now he has a monopoly over the country. The only way to break this monopoly up is to finish building the bridge. Kakashi cannot understand why Tazuna hid this when he asked for help. He explains that the Wave Country is extremely poor, so they did not have the money to pay for a higher ranked mission. He also says that if they quit when they got to the shore Tazuna would be dead before he reached his own house. The ninjas have no choice but to continue protecting Tazuna. Kakashi is worried that any further attacks will be Jounin level, not Chuunin or Genin level. Naruto acts cool, and throws his kunai into the forest. He almost hits a snowshoe bunny, which Kakashi finds odd, this is because snowshoe rabbits change color according to the amount of sunlight. White is its winter color, so the rabbit must have been kept in its cage in order to use it as a Kawarimi. Momochi Zabuza watches from the trees and takes not of Kakashi who is known as the Leaf Village’s copy ninja, Sharingan Kakashi. As soon as this happens, a large blade flies at the group of ninjas and Zabuza makes his first appearance to the group. Naruto tries to act cool and tries to step into the battle, but Kakashi tells him to stand back, this one is a Jounin level battle. Kakashi commands the group to stand around Tazuna and protect him with their lifes. Kakashi then pulls down his mask for the first time and reveals his real eye. A Sharingan is a power borne in the eyes and released from the pupils. This technique gives the ability to ready your opponents techniques and copy them. Zabuza had kept a handbook that had information about Kakashi in it, when he was a part of the assassin squad. It said that the man who has copied over 1 thousand jutsu: Copy Ninja Kakashi. Sasuke is extremely confused by Kakashi’s real eye, as he was raised to think that this sharingan only appeared in a select few members of the Uchiha clan. Zabuza powers up his Hidden Mist no Jutsu. He then Vanishes. Kakashi explains to the group that Zabuza is known as the silent killer, he has the ability to kill his opponent instantly. The surrounding mist begins to thicken. Zabuza begins to name separate areas of the body that if struck would kill on contact. The air becomes heavy with chakra, as the two Jounins begin to fight each other. Since the group, and Tazuna are still weak in strength, Sasuke says he feels as if the life is being squeezed out of him. Sasuke even begins to think that he would rather take his life then feel this kind of pain. During this thought Zabuza appears in between the group and Tazuna, Kakashi quickly runs over to Zaubza and slashes him, but he was just a water clone, the real Zabuza appears behind Kakashi and takes a stab at him however Kakashi was also a water clone. The real Kakashi appears behind Zabuza and holds a knife to Zabuza’s throat. The battle between these two jounins seem to be over.

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