F. 6) Journey to the Land of the Waves!

[edit] Summary

Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto are doing some training. They capture a cat, and complete “Operation Capture Tora the Lost Pet” for Madam Shijimi, wife of the Country of Fire’s Feudal Lord. She is extremely happy. They then start there next training mission, which is babysitting Yojyu-sama’s boy, grocery shopping and more mundane tasks. Naruto begins whining as usual that he is tired of these “stupid” missions, however for whining he is scolded by Iruka sensei. Soon after that, Hokage-Sama explains what missions are. He says that people come to the village and request missions to be done on a daily basis. He says that these tasks are separated into different diffuculty levels A, B, C, and D, the same way Ninjas are separated into Hokage, Jounins, Chuunins, & Genins according to how well they perform. A tasks are assigned to Jounins, B & C are assigned to Chuunins, and C & D are assigned to Genins. Naruto still begins complaining, and the Hokage decides to assign the Ninja Cadets a C task. After that a drunken man walks in and insults Naruto, he then introduces himself as the bridge building expert Tazuna. The groups task is to protect his life while he is building the bridge. As they begin their way to the Contry of the wave, Tazuna continues to insult Naruto, which makes him even more angry. Sakura asks Kakashi whether or not there are ninjas in the Country of the Wave. He responds by saying they are not any but says there may be hidden ninja villages equaivalent to the country’s military powers. They maintain relationships with neighboring country but are not under the control of the country. They are supposedly equal in position. However because the Country of the Wave is so small, they do not have or need a ninja v illage. He then continues to explain that the five hidden villages of the countries of fire, water, lightning, wind, and earth make up the five great Ninja powers. Their leaders carry the name of “Kage.” These “Five Kages” that reign over the tens of thousands of ninjas. When Sakura and Naruto hear that they immediately doubt the Hokage’s ability. While talking about all of this information, two ninjas jump out from the trees and capture Kakashi Sensei. Naruto was about to be taken, but Sasuke manages to destroy their chain weapons. Luckily Kakashi Sensei comes to the rescue using his replacement technique, and he captures the ninjas. Naruto was very afraid during the battle and was amazed that Sasuke was calm. Kakashi explains that those two attackers were from the Hidden Village of Mist known as the Demon Brothers. Kakashi knew of these two because he saw a puddle on the ground, and he thought this was strange because it had not rained in several days. Kakashi however did not respond because he wanted to see who there real target was. He then gets angry at Tazuna for not telling the truth about the real level of this mission, which was not a C, but was much higher then a B. Sakura says that they should just quit and go home, however Naruto says that he will do anything to continue this mission and protect Tazuna. He then thrusts a Kunai through his hand and says with this blood he will protect Tazuna. Kakashi then takes a look at Narutos hand and it was already healing so they continue on their way. During this whole time, the man who hired the Demon brothers is disturbed that the Demon Brothers could not get the job done. The Ninja reminds him that he is Zabuza and he will get the job done.

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