Clans in the Naruto anime and manga series are large groups of people who all share a common name and have access to special abilities exclusive to those people. These abilities can range from ninja techniques passed down from generation to generation to genetic conditions that give the user a variety of unique abilities as well as a variety of unique techniques. Few of the clans, however, have little to no background information revealed about them.


[edit] Aburame


Bloodline Technique: Insects

The Aburame clan is a highly recognized clan in Konoha which specializes in the use of insects as weapons. Clansmen commonly wear white coats and sunglasses in an effort to hide their faces. The Aburame clan doesn’t necessarily have a bloodline technique, but when born, the members of the clan have thousands of insects called Kekkai insects placed in their bodies to serve them. The clan member allows the bugs to feed off of his/her chakra, in exchange the insects help them in battle. Little to no information is known about the Aburame clan's history.

[edit] Akimichi

The "Giant Roll"

Bloodline Technique:

One of the several Konoha clans, the Akimichi clan is one of the “largest” clans, in the sense that its clansmen generally look or are overweight. The Akimichi clan specializes in techniques that augment their body size, whether overall, or a specific part of the body. The Akimichi clan also use military-style supplements called food pills that greatly increase their chakra, strength, or stamina. However they come at a price--usually weakening the person after use and causing extreme weight loss, and in the worst case if all three are taken, death if action isn’t taken. The Akimichi clan has a close relationship with Yamanaka and Nara clans, and teams are sometimes made up from different members from each.

[edit] Hyuga


Bloodline Technique: Byakugan

The Hyuga (Hyūga) clan is one of Konoha's proudest clans, often producing highly skilled and intelligent ninja such as Neji. In spite of this, the clan has a history of dissent and hostility. In order to protect the secrets of the Byakugan (lit. "White Eye") and the techniques associated with it, the Hyuga clan is divided between the main family and the branch family. The branch family is tasked with the responsibility of protecting members of the main family, and are branded with the curse seal by the main family in order to seal the Byakugan abilities in them when they die so that enemies cannot uncover its secrets. Secret techniques of the clan are only allowed to be taught to members of the main family in order to maintain the clans security.

[edit] Inuzuka

Dogs for... partners?

Bloodline Technique: Canine Partners and Animalistic abilities

This clan’s main weapon is the use of dogs, which help them fight in battle, help scout, or even to trick and confuse the opponent. By using their dogs, they can transform them into look-a-likes and attack at once, or they can simply track someone down. The Inuzuka clan also has the ability to gather chakra in their noses and increase their sense of smell over a thousand times, which became Kiba’s undoing in the Chuunin exam.

[edit] Kaguya

Using skeletal structure for war

Bloodline Technique: Use of the skeletal system

History: The Kaguya clan was one of the several clans that Orochimaru had his eyes set on, but in the end never managed to get. The Kaguya clan was a war-based tribe that had the special use of their own skeletal systems, being able to protrude bones from their bodies, turn them into weapons, grow them, shoot them, or anything else they could think to do with them. However, their war-based nature led to their downfall when they attack the Hidden Village in the Mist. The entire clan, except for one child who was a genius in battle, were all captured and killed. From there, the Kaguya clan was no more as Orochimaru took the last remaining Kaguya clan members for himself, Kimimaro, who later died for the sake of Orochimaru.

[edit] Nara

Shadow Techniques

Bloodline Technique: Shadow Techniques

History: The Nara clan isn’t one of the most popular clans in the series. The one member which sticks out in the series is Shikamaru, one of Naruto’s classmates and a tactical genius which earned him Chuunin before several others in the class. The Nara clan doesn’t have a bloodline, however, they main use techniques that bind and constrict shadows, as well as being able to control another person via their shadow. The Nara clan have a fairly close relationship with the Akimichi and Yamagata clans, whose more well-known Genin are Chouji and Ino. Using their shadow controlling techniques, they can extend, combine, control, and more with them, even going so far as to being able to strangle a person with their own shadow and as stated, even control them. However, if using the jutsu, if the controlled person is hit, the controller also receives damage. While the clan has potential, its overlooked for other clans such as the Hyuuga and the once powerful(and existing) Uchiha clans.

[edit] Uchiha

Sharingan Eye

Bloodline Technique: Sharingan

History: This clan had control over Konoha’s police force and also the single clan to have control over the Sharingan and its few forms. Uchiha Sasuke and his elder brother Uchiha Itachi are the soul-surviving members of the Uchiha clan after a mass-murder by Uchiha Itachi, in which Itachi spared his brother. This being the reason we never hear about Sasuke’s parents or clan very much. The Uchiha clan’s primary form of pride was the great Sharingan, or copy-wheel eye. The technique was only brought about in Uchiha clan members, except for one. Hatake Kakashi has a Sharingan eye given to him years prior before the death of his friend, Obito. The Uchiha Clan’s downfall was, as said, brought about by Itachi who previously gained a higher form of Sharingan known as the Mangekyou, or Kaleidoscope, Sharingan. With that he had a distinct advantage with the ability of using a technique only he and one person prior had the ability to use. Having killed everyone except for Sasuke, he used his Mangekyou Sharingan to portray the events of him killing the clan to Sasuke, terrifying him. Eventually telling him that Sasuke had the ability to gain the Sharingan, and become one of three users for it. Hatake Kakashi eventually gains another form of Mangekyou Sharingan in a later manga chapter after Kakashi Gaiden. The Uchiha clan, according to Kakashi, is supposed to be able to derive its heritage from that of the Hyuuga clan. Uchiha Sasuke vowed after the death of his Clan to revive it after killing his brother, in which he decided to gain power by any means necessary. The Sharingan allows its user to see through taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu and even copy it if the user so desires, Kakashi is even called “Copy Ninja Kakashi” for copying and mastering over 1,000 jutsus.

[edit] Yamanaka


Bloodline Technique: Possessing Jutsu

History: There is very little to say about this clan, so to say, its very similar to the Nara and Akimichi clans, less popular and not overly-powerful. This clan lacks a bloodline, but their main techniques involve taking over the other person’s mind and allowing them to control the other person’s body, however it can harm the user if the controlled person is harmed, like in Kage Mane. The Yamanaka member we know the most about is Yamanaka Ino. Bold text

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