Category talk:Techniques

Epic: I don't get it; Why aren't they fully considered jutsu? Isn't it easier just to place them in that category anyways? Please explain.

R1D: It could fit in there, but there are a large number of each. They could be moved over later if necessary to avoid unneeded confusion I guess.

Uni: Regardless of they could fit there or not, it's important that each category is distinguised when making wikis.

R1D: So do you support Techniques or a merge into Jutsu?

Supernouva: Okay, this has gotten out of hand. There's one thing everyone should understand; "jutsu" is merely the Japanese word for technique. For example, "Shadow Shuriken Technique" would translate to "Kage Shuriken no Jutsu." It's a common misconception, but really, these things which you call "techniques" but don't quite fall under "jutsu," it logically doesn't make any sense. You would have to make up a ridiculous reason as to why it is a technique but it doesn't fall under jutsu because both words mean the EXACT SAME THING, they're just in different languages. Like R1D said, this is only causing unnecessary confusion by splitting techniques between Jutsu and Techniques.