Users Hyuuga Clan, Ao
Rank none
Classification none
Type Supplementary
Abilities 360° Vision, Farther Sight, Chakra Point View, Chakra Blockage

The Byakugan (lit. "White Eye") is a genetic eye condition, Kekkei Genkai, that only occurs in members or descendants of the Hyūga clan. Ninja with the Byakugan are characterized by having white, pupil-less eyes. When activated, the users pupils become more defined, and the veins near the temples bulge. The Byakugan grants the user clarity of perception; in some cases to a much higher degree than the Rinnegan and Sharingan. One of its unique abilities is that is can vividly view even the most minute objects from several meters away--its total range depending on the user. Furthermore, it grants a near 360 degree field of vision, allowing the user to see incoming attacks from almost all directions except for its one minuscule blind spot which is located behind the first thoracic vertebra. Finally, the Byakugan allows the user to see a person's chakra flow as well as the several chakra points (tenketsu) throughout the body.

Using the aforementioned ability, the Hyuga clan has developed the ability to forcibly release their chakra one of the opponent's 361 chakra points, ceasing chakra flow altogether or attacking internal organs directly. This method of fighting is called Gentle Fist (Jūken), named so because it involves little physical contact. In order to protect the secrets of the Byakugan and the Gentle Fist secret techniques, the Hyuga clan imposed a strict hierarchy by dividing the clan between the main family and the branch family. Members of the branch family are branded with the curse seal, which will destroy the Byakugan abilities in them when they die. Furthermore, they are also forbidden to learn the Gentle Fist secret techniques.

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