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Age : 30

Blood Type : A

Born On : July 4

Current Status : Jonin

Ninja Team : Team Baki

Team Members : Temari, Gaara, Kankuro

Eye Color : Black (?)

Gender : Male

Hair Color : Black/Dark Brown

Height : 6'2

Weight : 176 lbs

[edit] History

Baki is a Jonin affilated with Sunakagure, or the Hidden Village of Sand. He is also a member of Suna's Advisory Council, and he is leader of Team Baki, which includes the Sand Siblings. He is seen as a kind and loyal ninja, who has great confidence in his abilities. He believes in all of his team members, and he helps them by pointing out their flaws occasionally, and he is always very concerned about them - especially Gaara and his problems with the Shukkaku. Baki does seem to have slightly a darker side though when he meets up with Kabuto (Orochimaru's assistant) and talks to him. Hayate Gekko at the time was standing in the shadows listening to him, and Baki offered to kill the eavesdropper as a sign of friendship between the two villages of Sand and Sound. Hayate tried to escape but eventually was killed by Baki. His lover, Yugao Uzuki, swore revenge on him, and even though Baki is affilated with the Sand Village, she will stop at nothing to avenge her deceased loved one.

[edit] Abilities

Baki is a ninja very confident in his abilities, and he specializes in Wind based Ninjutsu. His signature move would be his "Blade of Wind" which sends literally a blade of wind at the opponent, and it is said to be impossible to escape.

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