B. 2) My name is Konohamaru!

[edit] Summary

It seems Naruto isn't doing so well as a ninja just yet. Naruto's currently getting ready to take his profile picture for becoming a ninja. It seems his picture isn't what normal ones should be like, since it took him 3 hours to come up with a good face for the profile photo. Naruto's picture is goofy, like he wanted it. The Hokage isn't that pleased with Naruto's face so he tells Naruto to re-take the picture. Naruto, thunder-struck, argues against the Hokage, who doesn't change his opinion. Naruto, not progressing in his attempt to get the Hokage to agree with him, uses his Sexy Jutsu on the Hokage, who falls down immediatley. Naruto is surprised that this works on the Hokage. There appears to be someone else surprised too. An academy student runs into the room and attempts to throw a shuriken at the Hokage, but sadly, trips first. The boy's name is Konohamaru, and as Ebisu (Konohamaru's master Jounin in training) explains, Konohamaru is the grandson of the current Hokage. Ebisu stares at Naruto, seeing him as a "monster fox". Konohamaru shouts that the 5th Hokage's position belongs to him. Konohamaru also turns his small head to Naruto and asks if he was the one who tripped him. Naruto, wondering what's going on, snatches Konohamaru by his shirt, and pounds him, not caring that he's the son of the Hokage. Konohamaru is surprised that Naruto treats him differently from other people. Naruto heads out of the room, to his house, preparing for the day he'll do his first mission. Walking around Konoha, Naruto spots Konohamaru behind him (trying to hide). Konohamaru is even more surprised when Naruto sees through his unique hiding technique. He asks Naruto excitidley to become his master, and Naruto accepts. First, Naruto wants to teach him about Chakra. He starts to explain, but Konohmaru continues with "it's the energy you use to execute a technique. Ninja techniques use both Chakra, the body energy existent in every cell of the body and spirit energy, which accumulates through training and experience; after those two are mixed and a seal is formed, it is executed." Next, Naruto tells Konohmaru to try the Sexy Jutsu, to see how good he is at it. As a test, Naruto makes Konohmaru transform into a normal lady, shopping in Konoha. Konohamaru tries, but his result comes out sad. The lady watching, beats up Naruto, but simply tells Konohamaru to improve. Naruto, who is feeling bad, tries to sneak into a magazine shop, to looks at the "Ladies". Naruto, caught again with Konohmaru, get's beat up, but Konohmaru does not. Naruto goes for a few more dirty attempts, but they do not succeed, and only Naruto gets beat up. Ebisu is also wildly looking for where Konohmaru went. He's scared since he's with the "monster fox ... child". Now, Naruto and Konohmaru sitting in a forest, chat for a little while. Naruto asks him why he's the only one getting hurt. Konohmaru explains to Naruto, that it's because he's the Third Hokage's grandson. Naruto understands. Konohmaru also explains that the Hokage named him after the village, and that people only see him as the Hokage's grandson, not as an individual entity. He tells Naruto that that's the reason he wants to become Hokage. Naruto sighs and tells Konohamaru that the Hokage title isn't a title a kid can attain very easily. Konohmaru argues that he CAN handle it. Naruto, about to say another word, stops, and gets interupted ... by Ebisu. Ebisu gives Naruto a cold stare, and Naruto is reminded of the look he gets from most of the people in the village. Ebisu demands that Konohmaru train with him, instead of with Naruto. Konohmaru declines, and tries his Sexy Jutsu one last time. His transformation is a huge success, and even surpasses Naruto's transformation. However, Ebisu claims that such a "rude" technique won't work on a gentleman like him. But Ebisu is furious with this technique that Konohamaru has learned from Naruto. Naruto then, without warning, uses his Shadow Replication jutsu by creating roughly 20 clones, and surprises Konohamaru, and Ebisu. Ebisu though, says that he can easily defeat him. Naruto makes each Shadow clone use his Sexy Jutsu and transform into a sexy woman. Ebisu ... falls back and is defeated. Naruto laughs, calling him a 'closet pervert'. Konohmaru stares at Naruto. Naruto calls his new technique the Harem no Jutsu! After this incident, Naruto continues to explain to Konohmaru how hard it is to become Hokage. But Konohamaru is not listening; he is just thinking about Naruto lecturing him. He is a little angry, and shows his emotion to Naruto."We're rivals from now on" he says. Naruto who doesn't understand what's exactly going on, agrees with him and smiles. Naruto walks away, back to his house quickly, not saying a word ... but smiling.

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