99) The One Who Inherits the Will of Fire

[edit] Summary

The episode starts off with Rock Lee standing alone in the dark having a flashback of his past where he remembers saying that he will be a ninja despite the lack of skill at ninjutsu and genjutsu with Gai smiling at him. Rock Lee closes his eyes then.

Next we see Naruto running down a set of steps and putting his jacket on over his necklace. Saying he will work hard today. He runs into Rock Lee and they talk about Tsunade, Naruto carries on and talks about Konoha’s trouble as Konohamaru’s friends come and tell Naruto that Konohamaru has locked himself in.

The scene changes and we see Shizune and two Chuunin trying to get Konohamaru to come out. It shows us inside with wires and exploding tags strewn about. He states he is the third’s grandson and that if they go against him they go against the Hokage. The two Chuunin bash the door which causes several smoke bombs to fall down and explode before them. He then states they’re pepper-filled and they’ll regret doing anything further.

Tsunade shows up and TonTon jumps into her arms, supposedly letting know that Konohamaru is inside the room as Tsunade states “what can one kid do?” Tsunade then threatens them to get him out of the room. As the Chuunin attempt to force him out, Naruto and Konohamaru’s friends show up and stop them. He explains to Tsunade that Konohamaru is his friend and that’ll talk to him to try and get him out. Tsunade leaves, telling Naruto to have it done by the end of the day as Shizune follows her.

We then see Sakura at the hospital with a bouquet of flowers in her hands, she talks to the nurse who tells her that Sasuke was discharged the day before, but she says she’s there to see Lee. He apparently had not shown up yet and it then cuts to Lee looking at his reflection in the water from a bridge. He’s recalling what Tsunade had told him of his chances of survival if they performed the surgery.

The episode then returns to Naruto banging on the office door to get Konohamaru out. Naruto asks Konohamaru if they could out for some ramen, saying it’ll be his treat. He continues by saying it’ll have pork and even eggs. When he gets no response, he yells at him only to be called an idiot by Konohamaru. Naruto gets angry at this and tells him to open the doors or he’ll break them down, again, Konohamaru mocks him and says “If you think you can, go ahead.” Naruto rams the door, when he does he forces another trap, this time being hit over the head with several pans.

It returns to Lee still looking at his reflection in the water as Sakura shows up to talk to him. To his surprise, she hands him flowers which forces him to shake his head in confusion. He willingly accepts, but trips in the process and drops his crutch. Sakura catches him as he apologizes. She tells him that Sasuke was cured and that Tsunade should be able to do the same for him. Lee then smiles and then looks gloomily at the ground. Sakura tells him that if he needs anything then he should let her know. He thanks her and she walks off. As she does, Lee begins going from happy to nearly crying, supposedly thinking of the surgery.

Tsunade and Shizune are walking along, carrying books as Tsunade complains about the lack of open bars and the fact that she can’t drink or gamble. Shizune then tells her that she’ll take her to a place with hot sake but she’ll have to do some work in exchange. Shizune then hands Tsunade a book with a listing of all the new shinobi. As Tsunade takes a look, Shizune begins eating her sweet dumplings with Tsunade yelling “I hate sweet things!”

Naruto tries to get Konohamaru to explain why he’s doing everything, then telling him that everyone is worried and that he will drag him out and show him if he has to. He performs his sexy-no-jutsu which forces Konohamaru’s friends to blush deeply. Konohamaru himself does not stir and Naruto becomes mad. He creates several shadow clones and they all ram the door one more time, dropping more pepper-filled smoke bombs. Konohamaru is then shown inside, saying it’s “Grandpa’s room.”

We then see Tsunade looking over Hinata’s profile, talking about Kurenai, and then talking about the Third. She flips the page and views Shikamaru’s and then finally Lee’s. While looking at his picture, she says her back is hurting and that she’ll get some fresh air. She walks around and notices flower pedals dropping into the water. She spots lee on the bridge dropping them one at a time while saying “Success” every other one. The last one dropped he said nothing.

Naruto yells at Konohamaru, this time he gets a reply saying that only his Grandpa can use the room. They talk shortly, and then Naruto begins charging his Rasengan. Tsunade shows up and pushes him out of the way and then begins to open the door. The pans fall again and she knocks them all away. Inside, everything crashes in front of her, kunai are thrown, a boulder falls down, and an exploding tag are set off. She dodges everything, crushes the boulder, and steps on the tag. She walks over to Konohamaru who is now cowering in fear, she reaches for a book behind him on the shelf and takes her leave with the four of them(Naruto, Konohamaru, and his friends) left in awe.

The next we see of Naruto and Konohamaru, they’re at the statue with the names engraved in them. Naruto tries to talk to Konohamaru but fails. They set off to make sure nothing in Konoha changes and that the Third remains in everyone’s memories and hearts.

Tsunade and TonTon(the pig) are walking around looking for Tsunade, TonTon catches her scent and they find her in a bar, drinking sake and studying a medical book. The sight of her studying nearly killing the two of them. Her studies were meant to help Lee out, the two of them recalling Kabuto’s ability to grow his cells back. Shizune tells her the risk is still too big, but Tsunade says she has to do it, that she is the Fifth Hokage. By saying this, Konohamaru has a flashback(as he and Naruto over listening in on them) of the Third saying that it can’t be helped, that he is the third Hokage. The Third tells him that the village is like a family, and he must protect them. Naruto and Konohamaru leave, as Konohamaru remembers what both his Grandfather and Tsunade had said. We see Tsunade again, sipping her sake, giving a quick laugh, and then flipping the page in the medical book.

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