79) Go Over the Limit! Light and Shadow!

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As Gamabunta is about to land, he tells Naruto that he must punch Gaara awake. Naruto asks how he’s supposed to do that and is told all he has to do is smack him once. As they land, Gamabunta says he isn’t very good at Transforming and that Naruto will have to give him the form and the hand signs. He says it’ll be a combination transformation and that it must have fangs and claws. Naruto performs the hand signs and they rush towards Gaara. Through the smoke rushes forth the form of a Nine-tailed fox. Sasuke watches on and wonders why he transformed into a fox. As they rush forward, the Shukaku grabs its stomach and sends another air blast towards them, they dodge the attack and rush in again to be swiped by his tail. They rush in again, missing their attacks and avoiding another belch from the beast. The others watch the battle and Temari says the area won’t be safe for long and heads off.

Gamabunta and Naruto discuss among them that they need to hit him fast, using the tails of the fox, they grab several trees and start running. They jump in the air and the Shukaku belches again, they throw the trees at him which results in an explosion. Upon landing, they grab onto him and release the transformation. Naruto makes a leap and jumps towards Gaara’s human body on the top of the Shukaku’s head. As he falls, he managed to land a powerful punch on him dispelling the technique and making the Shukaku mad. Gaara wakes up and intends to use Desert Coffin on Naruto by trapping him as he runs with the sand of the Shukaku and then forcing more sand to form around him. Gamabunta uses his tongue and wraps it around him first to protect him.

It isn’t able to help though, as sand starts gathering around him from below. Gamabunta wonders how much power the Shukaku has left, stating that he and Naruto already used their chakra up. Gaara tells Naruto that he’ll kill him to protect his existence.

The scene changes to the Chuunin exam area where Gai and Kakashi are taking on the Sand and Sound Jounin. Gai makes note that they sent a great deal of shinobi to attack them, and that the numbers awed them. We then see the three Anbu members waiting outside the force field where the battle with Orochimaru and Sarutobi(the Third) is taking place, saying that it is not possible for two ninja to fight so long. Inside, we see the Monkey King Enma still holding the sword Kusanagi as Sarutobi is sealing Orochimaru’s arms. Sarutobi says he won’t let his ambitions succeed, but is quickly argued against. We see the village as it’s being attacked, several fallen Konoha shinobi littering the streets. Orochimaru laughs as he says that the ninja, women, and children will all die.

In the center of the village, the Sand ninja are going through the homes searching for any and every person in the village. Failing to find any. We are then shown the rooms inside the cliff where the monumental heads of the Hokages are. Inside are the women and children of Konoha with Chuunin standing guard. Among them are Konohamaru and his two friends. Konohamaru suddenly gets up saying he has to use the bathroom, all three do he finds out. Upon asking Iruka, he finally gives and says that the four of them will go together. Konohamaru can’t hold and rushes off. Turning the corner he rushes into several people.

Back at the area where the Chuunin exam was taking place, we see Kakashi and Gai finish off a few more shinobi and then stand looking at the bodies below them, joined by Kurenai and two other Jounin. They look up and spot a hawk, a signal of some sort. Far away, a small group of five Anbu members spot the same hawk and the monument with the names of fallen comrades, a woman among them viewing the fallen Gekkou Hayate’s name. They rush off after seeing the hawk, following their signal.

The scene returns to the battle with Orochimaru and Sarutobi. Sarutobi tells Orochimaru not to underestimate the shinobi from Konoha. Back with Konohamaru and Iruka, they have come across Anko escorting the last group of Konoha civilians into the safe houses. Konohamaru asks what’s going on, Iruka explains the three stages for protecting Konoha. Stage one, eliminate all enemies. If that cannot be done, Stage two will occur where all civilians are evacuated to designated areas. Stage three is where they counterattack the enemy. We then see several Sand and Sound ninja running through the streets of Konoha, several are taken out by shuriken and we see the five Anbu members from earlier standing on the rooftops, ready to stop them.

The battle between Naruto and Gaara/Shukaku continues as Naruto is still trapped with the sand holding him down by his feet. He looks behind him, his focus returning to Sakura, a flashback to what Sasuke told him to do, and then back to Sakura. He turns back to Gaara who threatens to kill him again, Naruto thinks to himself and requests chakra from the Kyuubi, even if just a little. We see Naruto’s chakra system as red chakra starts burning throughout him. The chakra is so intense that it not only burns the sand away from his body, but it blows his forehead protector off and his jacket unzipped. His skin color becomes red as if burned.

The scene then cuts to the head of the Hyuuga clan facing off with a large group of Sand ninja single handedly. He finishes several off in a few strikes and becomes surrounded by the rest. Using Kaiten, he blows them all away. We then see that Shikamaru’s father has trapped another group in his Kage Mane, the shadow binding techniques. Chouji’s father multiplies his size vastly to that of a giant and begins crushing all in his path. Ino Yamanaka’s father takes control over one Sand shinobi and uses him to kill another with a kunai. The three of them remember the past and they call it the reunification of the Ino-Shika-Chou Trio. Two members of the Inuzuka clan even take part, Kiba’s mother and most likely his sister. The scene returns to Sarutobi and Orochimaru, Sarutobi continuing to say that Konoha will not fall. He truly believes that the Konoha ninja will give their lives to protect Konoha. He tells Orochimaru that he can not gain true power by mastering all ninja techniques.

As he is telling him this, we see Shino lying down as his own father attempts to remove the poison in his body. Sarutobi then tells Orochimaru that true strength comes from protecting something important, that he had taught him that long ago. The scene returns to Naruto who says that he’ll protect everyone. He rushes forward to stop Gaara but is stopped himself by more sand. He struggles against it and eventually head-butts him as hard as he can, blood pouring from their foreheads. As a result, the sand that formed the Shukaku cracks, crumbles, and falls completely apart. Gamabunta both mocks and praises Naruto, he didn’t fight efficiently, but he was amazed at his abilities overall, upset that he wouldn’t be able to finish watching the battle, he dispersed his summoning with Gamakichi doing the same. Gaara and Naruto land in the treetops. Naruto slowly gets up, as does Gaara, and they stare one another down. Naruto says that he’s out of chakra, and asks if Gaara is too. He then requests that they finish the battle between two similar people.

Sarutobi says he doesn’t have the power to remove Orochimaru’s entire soul from his body with his sealing method. To make up for that, he takes Orochimaru’s arms with him, sealing them and the ability to use the techniques he’d spent his years learning. Sarutobi gives one final speech to Orochimaru. The destruction of Konoha has failed, his only regret is that they couldn’t die together. Orochimaru curses him, Sarutobi doesn’t hear a word of it. Instead, he slowly closes his eyes, gazing up Orochimaru’s form before him, then seeing the child he trained long ago as he dies. He says his last words about fires burning where the leaves grow as Gaara and Naruto prepare their last attacks, Gamabunta’s dagger still embedded into the ground behind them. The dagger disappears as Naruto and Gaara jump towards one another. They both punch, but only Naruto hits. They both fall to the ground below. Gaara turns his head to the now passed-out Naruto.

Back in Konoha, Sarutobi falls dead by his sealing technique.

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