34) Gaara's Exceptional Ability!

[edit] Summary

Naruto awakens after a kick in his head made by Choji. And as soon as he wakes up, he notices Sakura’s hair was cut. Naruto then asks why Ino’s team is there, and Sakura replies that they helped out. Then Tenten comes to wake up Lee and take him a way, but Naruto made fun of Lee, and Sakura give Naruto a punch. There’s a chat between Sakura and Lee, they both said they will get stronger. When Sasuke heard that Lee was beaten by the ninjas of the sound, he couldn’t believe it, he got shocked. When everyone started to calm down, Ino offers to fix Sakura’s hair. Kiba watches over Akamaru who has been shaking and crying for the last 12 hours ever since that incident: Gaara’s team was going to the tower, but they stopped and Kiba asked Hinata to see 1KM away from there. Hinata says that she saw one person. Kiba was certainly sure that he wanted to see Gaara, but just to watch, and if they were to powerful, they would leave. When they got to the spot, Akamaru feels Gaara’s Chakra, and he gets scared, very scared. Gaara was against three other Ninjas. One of them attacked Gaara with lethal nails, and he made a shield of sand to protect itself. Then Gaara’s big brother explains the Ninjas about the pumpkin that Gaara was always carrying. The pumpkin only had sand brought from the dessert. Then Gaara walks slowly, getting close to the ninja as he lifts the Ninja in a sand cocoon, and does him the Dessert Funeral (The cocoon explodes, and kills the ninja that was inside). Then the two other ninjas surrender, and give the Scroll of Heavens to Gaaras’s team. But Gaara did the same Dessert Funeral, and killed the remaining Ninjas. Then Kiba’s team tries to escape from the scene, but Gaara detects them and tries to kill them. But Kankura, his older brother tries to talk to Gaara and to make sense. Then both Kiba’s team and Gaara’s team reach the towers, Kiba admits that Akamaru said that the big guy would be killed by Gaara. Meanwhile, Anko tries to explain that they can’t cancel the Chunnin exam. A instructor comes in and says the Gaara’s team finished the part of the test in only 97 minutes, breaking the record of 4 hours. Anko is surprised that not only did they make it in that short period of time, but Gaara is unharmed, being that impossible for the Chunnins.

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