33) Battle Formation: Ino-Shika-Cho!

[edit] Summary

Sasuke is in a dream world, he sees a younger version of himself, and that younger version tells him that mom and dad didn’t have to die, and the whole clan was killed because Sasuke was to weak.

Back in the fight Ino, Shikamaru and Choji all join in the battle to protect Sakura. As soon as they enter the battle Zaku (sound-nin) calls Choji fat, and tells him to run. Shikamaru explains that calling Choji fat isn’t something you’d want to do. Choji immediately does Baika no Jutsu (Double weight technique) and turns into a fat rolling ball. Zaku does a technique to try and stop Choji from rolling at him, but instead it makes Choji fly in the air and begin coming down on Zaku, Dosu quickly jumps in the way to try and stop him. Shikamaru immediately uses Kage Mane no Jutsu (Shadow Copy Skill) and traps Dosu in place. Choji comes down and misses however. Ino then does Nintou, Shintenshin no Jutsu (Mind Transfer Technique) on Kin (sound nin). She immediately says to stop all of this or Kin’s life will end. Zaku & Dosu explain that they’re not after the scroll but after Sasukes life. They then realize that “InoShikaCho” is tiring, because Shikamaru has been holding Dosus shadow for 5 minutes. They also realize that if Ino kills Kin Ino will also die. Neji and TenTen walk in at that moment. Neji’s eyes begin to get veins around them, and he yells at the Sound-nins. All at the same time Neji senses Sasuke’s growing charka level.

Sasuke remembers his parents death, if only he had the power he could stop it. With this hatred in him he awakens the purple demon chakra that Orochimaru put in him. The sound nins are very amazed that he actually survived the seal, when Sasuke wakes up he is covered in the seal. Sasuke then looks at Sakura and asks who did this to her (the injuries), Sakura says nothing. Sasuke says not to worry he now knows why Orochimaru gave him power and he must get it from anywhere he can. He then asks Sakura who did this again, and Zaku says he does in reponse.

Sensing something bad is about to happen Team 10 hides in the bushes. Zaku attempts to stop Sasuke with a maxed out power jutsu. Sasuke then picks up Naruto & Sakura with no effort and moves them out of harm’s way. He then performs Katen Housenka (Phoenix Fire), and fire balls that turn into shurken, and attacks Zaku. Once he gets close enough to Zaku he dislocates both his shoulders. His attention then shifts to Dosu.

Sakura is horrified at what Sasuke is doing, she quickly runs up behinds him and begins crying and tells him to stop. When Sasuke sees her crying the cursed seal disappears. Dosu then gives them their scroll, and offers them a deal. They say that they must leave the battle, but if they ever fight again they will not run or hide. Before he leaves, Sakura demands to know what happened to Sasuke, they get no response.

When the sound nins leave InoShikaCho run to help the ninjas who are hurt.

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