31) Bushy Brow's Pledge: Undying Love

[edit] Summary

Orochimaru tells Anku that he’s looking for recruits. He says he wants Sasuke who would be the perfect successor. He warns her that if she interferes with his business that Leaf Village will be destroyed.

Sakura is watching her teammates while they are recovering. She vows not to fall asleep, she ends up falling asleep anyways. Then Naruto & Sasuke wake up and she almost starts crying, then suddenly Orochimaru shows up and transforms into a snake head and attacks Naruto & Sasuke. Sakura quickly wakes up from the dream, startled.

Sakura then hears a rustle from the bushes, but its just as quirrel she throws a kunai to scare it away, but she doesn’t know the sound nins but an explosive tag on it. The sound nins then begin to move closer to Sakura.

While this is happening Rock Lee sees 02 leaves falling and dreams that he could catch them all in one go. He then sees the squirrel with the explosion tag on it and runs to help the squirrel.

Neji finds Team 10 hiding in the bushes. Team 10 knowing that Neji would never fight a weak opponent. Ino instead decides to flirt with him. Neji disgusted walks away and says if he were to take a scroll form them the whole village would laugh at him.

The three sound nins, then ask Sakura to wake up Sasuke, and Sakura asks them what they want with him. The three sound nins then realize why Sakura threw her kunai, it was to protect the trap she had set up. They fall for the trap but get out of it safely. Rock Lee comes to the aid of Sakura, he vows that he will protect Sakura until his death. Realizing that the 3 sound nins are very strong, Rock Lee decides to boost himself up to full power.

During this time, Shikamaru & Ino are trying to find a team weaker then them. Shikamaru then says the only team weaker then them is Naruto’s team. Ino immediately says that they have Sasuke and he’s very strong! Chouji then comes and reports that Sasuke is knocked out and Sakura’s fighting alone.

Neji & Tenten wait for Rock Lee, but when he doesn’t come they immediately start to search for him. They recall that he was the only one who mastered the forbidden Jutsu Lotus that Gai-sensei told them about. The technique released the chakra limiters on the brain, allowing the muscles to use 100% of the potential power when normally you only used 20%. Gai sensei then said that the only way this technique could be used was to protect a precious person.

Rock Lee begins to attack the sound nins, he does the initial lotus. After much fighting Lee realizes he is to tired and has used to much energy to fight properly, and begins defending rather then fighting. Sound nin Dosu realizes this and uses the opportunity to use a Sound jutsu that will mess up Lee. As Lee becomes more tired, & more beat up Sakura begins to worry more and more.

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