27) Second Exam Starts! Everyone is an Enemy!

[edit] Summary

  1. Morino Ibiki, the first Chuunin exam leader congratulates all of the nine rookie genin (and other people) for passing the exam. Later in the day, he notices that Naruto didn't answer a single question, yet he still passed the text. He sees Naruto as a very interesting person. Meanwhile, it seems Mitarashi Anko, the examiner for the second Chuunin exam has arrived. Even by first look, everyone can tell she has a stubborn, cocky, and outgoing personality, much like Narutp. Smiling, Anko makes a comment about how many people passed, and leads them all to a forest - the "Forest of Death", where the second exam will be held. Anko notices that Naruto seems to be taking everything a bit lightly (especially after he mocked her), so Anko attempts to freak him out a little. She throws a kunai at Naruto, giving him a cut on his cheek. She stands behind Naruto and tells him about how much she loves the taste of blood. Anko, for some reason, take her kunai out because a long-tongued ninja was standing behind her. Anko thought it was a threat at first, but it was just a grass ninja attending the exams giving her Kunai back to her. Anko thanks her and takes her Kunai back aggressivly, and very soon, she hands out consent forms. Why? Because many people will die in the second exam, a survival test. After shocking the young shinobi, Anko decides to explain to them how the exam is going to work. She tells them that the exam is going to be held in the 44th traning area, AKA the Forest of Death, which is a swampy region with locked gates surrounding it. There are also many monsters and animals in this area, making it have the nickname it has. Anko explains to everyone that the whole idea is a competition between two diffrent types of scrolls. They are the Earth scroll, and the Heaven Scroll. Each 3-member team gets one scroll, and it may be either Heaven or Earth. The goal is for each team to gather two scrolls, one Heaven and one Earth, and make their way to the center of the forest, where there is a tower. After telling them that the exam will last a whole 5 days long without food, Chouji packs his stuff. Then, Anko tells everyone the rules. If a team doesn't manage to bring both scrolls to the tower in time, they will fail.
  2. If even one person in a 3-man team dies or cannot continue, everybody in that team fails the test.
  3. And last, a team is strictly not allowed to look inside the scrolls until they arrive at the tower. Anko puts a lot of stress on this. She allows everyone to rest for a while, while everybody looks at the consent form, and people will be called up to get their scroll (no one but the team should know until the arrive at the forest, what everyone's teams' scroll is). After some quarraling and fighting between Ino and Sakura, Anko is ready to start. She lead everyone to their gate (there are different gates across the circular forest to separate everybody from the start). Many people rush into the forest, while Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke walk in. Everybody is ready for action ... Hinata uses her Byakugan when inside, and find a team to get a scroll from. A team of Rain ninjas get attacked by huge leeches, sent by Shino and the team gets killed. They snatch their scroll and leave. Meanwhile, Naruto and his small team are still preparing. Naruto decides he has to go pee. Sakura comments on how rude he is, peeing in front of a girl, so Naruto goes behind the bushes where no one can see him. After a few seconds of disturbing noises coming from Naruto ("Ahhh" & "Pssssss"), Naruto comes back out, and tells Sakura 'how much came out'. Sakura gets extremely mad, until Sasuke throws a kunai at him ! Sasuke noticed that Naruto was very different from before, because he didn't have the scratch on his cheek which Anko gave, and because his weapon holder was on his other leg. He suspects he's an imposter, and it turns out he is, and that he's actually a Rain Ninja. The Rain Ninja admits he got caught, and gets ready to fight. Sasuke and Sakura prepare for battle ...
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