Rock Lee

Rock Lee

Age : 14

Blood Type : A

Born On : November 27

Current Status : Genin

Ninja Team : Team Guy

Team Members : Neji Hyuga, Tenten, Might Guy

Eye Color : Black

Gender : Male

Hair Color : Black

Height : "5'4"

Weight : 80 lbs.

Rock Lee is the epitome of hard work and determination. For many years, this youth with little to no promise continued in his training to someday become a ninja--despite the fact that no one really believed he could ever succeed. He had no skill in controlling his life force (chakra), and therefore couldn't perform even the most basic of ninja techniques. Even his hand-to-hand combat skills were below average. Yet, after training those hand-to-hand skills for years with heart and focus, Rock Lee hac become one of the better known Genin in the Hidden Leaf Village. He only knows Taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat), but his skills are considerably tough to handle and the speed his body is able to maintain is unnerving, as is his iron will to succeed. Lee is the spitting image of his young sensei (Gai, the rival of Kakashi); he idolizes the man. His intensity and excitement with his training spread to all aspects of his life (which you can imagine makes him an interesting character to watch). His rosy red cheeks and large, round eyes give away whatever emotion he feels instantly. An innocent and sweet kid at heart, Lee is on a team of three with a weapon specialist named Tenten and the genius fighter Hyuuga Neji. Neji's fatalistic nature and constant mockery of Lee reinforces the boy's determination to prove to everything and everyone. It is this determination that makes Rock Lee great. After years of being taunted by everyone, Lee is willing to destroy himself to prove one thing: If a person is determined enough, they can overcome any trial. Rock Lee is a Genin, but is determined to be accepted while protecting his ninja way. He mainly wants to protect his way because he has been known as a hot-blooded dropout since he was 6. With no genjutsu or ninjutsu skills he trained hard to master taijutsu. Lee has amazing speed, as seen in episode 49. Rock Lee is the only genin who can perform the Renge, or Lotus. This move requires 3 gates to be opened, the first gate releasing the brain's control on muscle strain, then the life gate giving the user more stamina, and finally the healing gate putting less strain on the user's muscles. If all 8 chakra gates are opened the user will most likely suffer from death. As seen in the episode, Lee opened 5 gates, the last being the forest gate. This nearly killed him, but to make it worse Gaara damaged his left leg and arm. Lee hopes to prove himself to Neji, his arch rival, for Neji was always better and put Lee down. Lee has a huge crush on Sakura and fought Sasuke once, winning the bout. Lee is the only one in his team who knows how to do the Omote Renge and Ura Renge.


Rock Lee is reported to have been based upon martial arts legend, Bruce Lee.

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