Q. 17) The White Past, The Secret Feelings

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[edit] Summary

Naruto goes into demon fox mode, and begins attacking Haku. Haku does not know how Naruto suddenly became powerful, and because of Narutos transition Haku’s needles have no effect on Naruto. Outside of Hakus jutsus Kakashi and Zabuza continue to finish their fight. Naruto begins to knock Haku outside of the prison, he hits Haku repeatedly so many times that Haku can barely stand. Haku’s mask then falls off and Haku says to just kill him. Naruto says the he can’t do it. Haku again says just do it he cannot continue to live after Naruto has shown him how weak he is. Haku begins to explain his childhood he says that he was born in a snowy village in the Water Country. He says his parents were happy with their lives, but one day his father killed his mother and then tried to kill Haku. The water country experienced many civil wars amongst bloodlines. As Haku was playing one day he showed that he had one of these talents, hakus father soon discovered the secret and came to kill them. Haku escaped but killed his father in the process. Haku was unwanted amongst everyone, however Zabuza was the only one that would take him in. After that day Haru has given all his loyalty to Zabuza. As Haru & Naruto are talking, Kakashi and Zabuza are still fighting. Kakashi performs the Ninpou summoning. Earth element, Tracking Fang no Jutsu. Zabuza taunts Kakashi that he is trapped in his jutsu, but suddenly several nin dogs attack from the ground. The Jutsu was to track the scent of his own blood that now covers Zabuza’s weapons. Kakashi tells Zabuza that he went to far by actually trying to kill Kakashi, Kakashi tells him that leaving your country for money is not something good to do, he tells Zabuza to give up or die. He then does Lightning Edge and chakra slowly begins to build up around his hands. While this is happening Haku is still begging Naruto to kill him. He says that because he did not fulfill what Zabuza asked him to do, Zabuza will no longer want him. He did not fulfill what he was told to do.

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