O. 15) Zero Visibility: The Sharingan Shatters

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[edit] Summary

Kakashi tells Sakura not to bother Naruto & Sasuke because they did not kill Haku, Kakashi says that they do not have it in their hearts to kill a man. Sakura screams in frustration. Zabuza quickly rushes towards Kakashi and tries to stab his eye, but Kakashi blocks the attack. Zabuza then says he is the one who taught Haku all of his jutsus, Hakus jutsus are even better then Zabuza’s. In the mirror Naruto is still replicating, however his clones continue to get defeated. However Sasuke is starting to catch on to Haku’s movements. When Naruto finally replicates a third time, Sasuke kicks some water up in the air; he was trying to track Haku. But his attempt failed. However Sasuke is beginning to think and thinks that maybe something other then water will work. Zabuza says that he was not getting beaten up during the battle they had a while back, he really had Haku hiding in the trees watching the battle. Haku according to Zabuza is usually able to come up with a way of defeating a technique after he has seen it once, so he tells Kakashi that the same jutsu will not work on haku twice. Zabuza then leaves with the Hidden Mist no Jutsu. Now back in the demonic ice chambers, Naruto replicates again, but instead this time Sasuke uses fire to track Haku. When Haku goes after Naruto, Sasuke hits him with fire and hurts him a little. Kakashi continues to block Zabuza’s attacks, but Zabuza says that Kakashi relies to heavily on his eyes. At the river it was the Sharingan that allowed Kakashi to give him the impression that he was copying Zabuza’s techniques. Once Zabuza was confused Kakashi used a hypnotic genjutsu to finish the move before Zabuza. But now that Zabuza knows his secret he knows to keep a distance and keep his eyes shut so Kakashi can do no harm. Zabuza is known as a master by killing by sound so Zabuza has the advantage. Sasuke tells Naruto to quickly run out, while Naruto tries to run out Sasuke fires a fire ball quickly, and when Haku grabs Naruto and throws him back in Haku is almost hit. Sasuke says lets try again! But before he can Haku attacks Sasuke. Kakashi says to himself to calm down, he begins to think like Zabuza, he wonders what he would do. He then realizes that Zabuza would rather attack Tazuna, and by the time Kakashi gets to them, Zabuza is able to strike. Blood splatters and the episode ends.

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