Y. 25) The Tenth Question: All or Nothing

[edit] Summary

The three senseis wait outside of the examination room waiting for what the results will be. They realize that Ibiki is the ANBU’s torture and interrogation squad leader, so they’re sure that he is mentally torturing and interrogating his exam participants Inside the exam room, Ibiki explains that everyone must choose if they wish to take the tenth problem, however those who do not take the tenth question fail. He also points out that if you take the 10th question and get it wrong you will never be able to take the exam again. Several participants leave the room. Naruto is about to raise his hand but then slams it down and outbursts that he will do the 10th question and he will get it right. With that the rest of the room stays in as well, all their uncertainties wiped away by his outburst. After everyone decides to stay the 78 who were left behind all pass. Ibiki states that there was no such thing as the 10th question. He then explains that the test’s purpose lies in the first rule: that their pass-fail decision is based on their three person teams. The point was to put lots of pressure on them so they would strive not to let their teams down. However the exam that was handed out was not possible to be completed by a Genin because of its difficulty level. However they planted 2 fake genins that knew all the answers, and everyone was supposed to cheat off of them. They wanted to test their stealth and to see how many questions they could answer. The 10th question was a two choice problem take it or not. This could also be seen as a real-life scenario. Then their new examiner suddenly breaks in through the window and announces that she is here, Mitarashi Anko. After observing that 78 participants of the 153 were still passing, she said that Ibiki was to easy on them, and vowed to fail more then half of the remaining participants. Next morning the episode shows everyone at the 44th training area – also known as the Forest of Death. The episode then ends.

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