Wind Release Techniques

Wind release techniques (Fūton no Jutsu, English TV: "Wind Style Jutsu") is a form of elemental ninjutsu that uses the wind affinity. Wind techniques make use of the air around a ninja, intensifying the damage it does by infusing it with chakra. Ninja proficient in the use of wind techniques generally originate from Sunagakure.

[edit] Drilling Air Bullet

Type: A-rank, Offensive, All ranges
User(s): Shukaku

Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet (Fūton: Renkūdan, English TV: "Wind Style: Air Bullet") is a technique in which Shukaku inhales and then shoots large balls of compressed air and chakra at his opponents, causing enormous conflagrations upon impact. This technique, being used Shukaku who is a tailed beast, is especially dangerous due to his massive chakra reserve. The extra wind produced by this technique is powerful enough to raze a forest.

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