Uchiha Clan

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The Uchiha crest symbolizes the pride of the clan.
Affiliations Konohagakure

Konohagakure Police Force

Kekkei Genkai Sharingan

The Uchiha Clan is a Konohagakure affiliated Clan.


[edit] Bio

The Uchiha clan was the head of the Konoha's Police Force before their massacre by Itachi and Madara.

In Part II we learned that the Uchiha Clan have a long rivalry with the Senju Clan. They were before a spread out clan but under Madara Uchiha and his brother Izuna Uchiha they were able to unify the clan under one banner. Under Madara he led them to expand their territory with the help of the Senju Clan. This was the founding of the Hidden Leaf Village. When it was time to appoint the first Hokage, the Senju clan was picked to be the Hokage where the Uchiha clan was left with the Police Force. This was what triggered Madara's hatred for Konohagakure and the First Hokage. It was later revealed that the Uchiha Clan is actually one of the original lineage of the Sage of the Six Paths. The clan gained the ocular powers of the Sage and also his intellect.

[edit] Abilities

Sasuke's Sharingan

is mainly known for its Kekken Genkai ability, the Sharingan. They are also known as having an above average chakra level and also for their specialty in using Fire Element jutsus.

[edit] Known Members

[edit] Currently Alive

[edit] Deceased

Itachi and Madara both massacred the entire Uchiha clan, except for Sasuke. Many members of the Uchiha clan is left unnamed.

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