Seven Star Sword

The Seven Star Sword

The Seven Star Sword, or Shichiseiken, is one of the Five Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths and is a broad, flat sword that looks more decorated than practical. It has a curly corners on the four corners of the rectangular blade and the hilt extends to the top of the sword dividing the blade into two ends. It is used in combination with the Golden Canopy Rope and the Crimson Gourd to steal a person's soul. Once the Golden Canopy Rope touches the opponent and their word soul is drawn out using the Seven Star Sword you can severe the soul from the person and suck it into the Crimson Gourd which will curse the opponent. When being cursed a word that the opponent have used the most will be inscribed unto the Seven Star Sword. If the opponent says that word or stays silent for too long, they will be sucked into the Crimson Gourd forever. Like any other sword the Seven Star Sword can also be used to cut things and serve more purpose than just to steal someone's soul.

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