S. 19) Zabuza, Fallen in the Snow

[edit] Summary

Gatou shows up and tells Zabuza that his services are no longer needed. Zabuza then apologizes to Kakashi and tells him that the battle they were fighting will have to end at that time, because now Zabuza does not have a reason to fight with Kakashi. Gatou then kicks Haku’s dead body. Naruto begins to scream and protest that his body should nto be kicked like that. However Kakashi stops him. Zabuza reports that Kahu has already died. Zabuza then tells Naruto that he just used Haku as a tool, just like Gatou had used Zabuza. Naruto cannot believe what Zabuza has just said. He prepares to fight with Zabuza again, Naruto cannot believe that Haku was used as a tool. Haku loved Zabuza so much and Naruto is mad that Zabuza can act so coldly towards Haku. Naruto’s speech brings Zabuza to tears. Zabuza says he knows what Haku was and that he is glad that Naruto was his last opponent. He then asks Naruto for his life and charges at Gatou, with a few swings Zabuza kills Gatou. After Gatou dies, Zabuza looks at Haku’s body and says goodbye. Naruto looks away but Kakashi says that Zabuza deserves their respect and to keep looking at him. At the very moment Zabuza dies Sasuke wakes up. Sakura explains to him that Haku is dead, and they all realize that Haku hit all the wrong critical points to make it seem Sasuke was dead, he must’ve done it on purpose. Gatou’s men then say they want revenge. They begin to advance on Kakashi’s team, but the whole entire town steps up to defend their town, and the team. Naruto and Kakashi also shadow replicate to make themselves seem like there are more. Gatou’s men quickly retreat. Zabuza’s last wish is to see Haku’s face. Kakashi drags him over to Haku’s dead body. With the last bit of his energy Zabuza says he wants to go to the same place that Haku did and touches his face. He then dies. While the ninjas are burying Zabuza and Haku’s bodies, Naruto vows that he will not become an emotionless tool, and to follow the way of his ninja. Which is “to live as though he will regret nothing” When the bridge is completed, the ninjas finally leave. Tazuna names the bridge after Naruto. “The Naruto Big Bridge.” With that the episode ends.

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